Cloth Diaper Babe

Meet my cloth diaper babe!

Isn’t she one happy girl?

I am loving this whole cloth diaper adventure and am so glad that we decided to go cloth. I am also using cloth wipes. I keep a container with warm water and some baby wash cloths as my baby wipes. The diapers that I decided to go with are the prefold kind. I ordered 40 Indian cotton prefold diapers and 6 Thirsties diaper covers to get me started. That amount of diapers lasts for about three to four days (I usually wash diapers every 2-3 days). The covers don’t need to be washed unless they get soiled, but that doesn’t happen too often if the cloth diaper is positioned properly.

I have since ordered more covers for Serafina because she is growing like a weed and the first diapers I ordered were not the adjustable kind (oops!). I love Thirsties  Duo Wrap covers because they are adjustable and affordable and will grow right along Serafina. They also come in an array of beautiful colors and are easy to do up with the velcro or the snaps. I personally prefer the velcro or Aplix fastening, which is just like a disposable diaper.

Why I love cloth diapering:

  • It saves big bucks
  • It is a good investment – you can use the same diapers for years and even years later when you have another baby
  • I feel good about not polluting our planet with 1000’s of diapers that take years to biodegrade, if the ever really do
  • It is fun and easy and
  • It is one small thing that I can do to make a difference, which puts a smile on my face 🙂

If I can cloth diaper, you can too! It is not hard, in fact it is easy. Here is a video I came across on youtube that shows just how easy it is.

Any Questions?