I Want To Hear From You!

Hey guys, I need a favor from you! I am working on putting together my best recipes and hopefully creating a recipe book. So… I want to know:

  • What have you tried?
  • What have you liked, but maybe could be even better?
  • What have you loved and made over and over?
  • What do you think is recipe book worthy?
  • Is there a recipe that you would like to see made vegan on the blog?

If you would be so kind as to leave me a comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail (tpidruchny@gmail.com). I would greatly appreciate your help! This is a big dream of mine and I am finally getting up the courage to get the ball going. It is scary, but exciting at the same time! I am not the type to have any faith in myself when it comes to manifesting my dreams, but I have seen so many recipe books out there and decided that if they can do it, I can too! 🙂 It will be my winter project.

Thank you so much!