Feetheart Valentine’s Cards

We are crazy about our hand and footprint crafts around here.

The girls love anything involving paint, especially when they get to paint their bodies.

Here is a cute footprint valentine’s card idea to give to your feetheart sweetheart or any one else that you love!

Feetheart Valentine’s Cards

For this craft you will need

  • washable red or pink paint
  • a paint brush
  • white poster paper
  • scissors
  • a black permanent marker


Paint your child’s foot with the red or pink paint. Place their footprint at a slight angle on the poster paper. Repeat with the other foot so that the footprints make a heart shape.

(you may get footprints on your floor as well, be prepared) 😉

Sit your child on the counter so that they can wash their painted feet in the kitchen sink.

That is probably the most fun part of all!

Cut out the footprint heart into a heart shaped card and write your valentine message on the back.