Autumn The Author

My little girl is an author.

She is continually writing her fairy books and her dream is to sell them on my blog when she is finished (and eventually Chapters stores). Her series is called The Fruit Fairies. There is Maggie the Mango Fairy, Barbie the Blueberry Fairy, Bella the Banana Fairy, LuLu the Lime Fairy, Sherry the Cherry Fairy and Annie the Grape Fairy. She is actually starting work on her second series, The Vegetable Fairies and really wants to get her books printed and start selling them ASAP.

I told her that she has to wait until I am done mine first, so we are in a little bit of a race with each other to see who will finish first. She still needs to get her written words typed up and scan in her photos and edit everything to get it ready to print. I am in the absolutely grueling editing stage with my book and am also testing as many recipes as I can in a day. Life is CRAZY in my kitchen and my desk looks like it exploded. I like it that way though, even though it is a big mess I know exactly where everything is. No one is allowed to touch my stacks of papers! I also have more cookies in my life than I know what to do with and sometimes I am terrible confused after changing a recipe so many times. At least I have friends and family members to willingly be my taste testers! My husband always says “It’s good!” Still, I am a perfectionist and I want it to be more than good. I want it to be awesome! 🙂

I really, really want to be all done by the Fall, so maybe soon you will have the option to purchase both mine and Autumn’s books!

Here are some of her absolutely adorable drawings. A little sneak peak…