No Going Back

Sometimes the girls and I sit and look at old pictures or watch old movies of our family. Whenever we do, I feel so sad and miss those times. I wish that things were the way that they used to be, but I know that there is no going back.

Back when Kesa was my baby and Autumn had all of her baby teeth. Back when we first started dating or when we just got married. Back when we first started to live more consciously, were new to being vegan and I was just learning how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks. Life always seems as though it were so much more fun and exciting in the past.

But then I realize that this day and this moment will too just be a memory or maybe even forgotten. This time when my girls are home with me and Serafina is just a baby. When Autumn is just getting her big girl teeth and Kesa is gaining independence. When we go for walks together as a family and play silly games all the way. When we go swimming at the beach in the summer and eat cookies under blankets in the winter. When we have our garden and live in our big yellow house.

Every bit of life is meant to be savored and embraced. Every moment will one day be in the past and just a memory.

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