Bedtime around here is always crazy. It is when the kids seem to get a sudden burst of energy. We try and start the bedtime routine around 9:00pm (which includes brushing teeth, jammies and stories) and then the kids are usually asleep by 11:00pm. It is kind of crazy, but that is just how it goes. Serafina doesn’t usually fall asleep until 10:45pm and the other girls are usually in bed by then but they of course love to talk to each other in bed or giggle until they actually fall asleep since they share a room and are the very best of friends. If I had my way, I would go to bed at 9:00pm during the fall and winter because once it is dark out early that is just what I want to do.

Last night during an energy boost, they decided to play cars with their dolls in our room and Serafina joined in the fun. Apparently the cars that these babies drive have “never-ending gas” as Autumn states. I thought it was a nice moment to capture the three of them playing together, even though it was supposed to be bedtime. Serafina is starting to try and copy her sisters, which I think is too cute. She even has her own plush cabbage patch baby doll. She is also beginning to try and walk and keep up with them too.

A moment I want to remember.

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