10 thoughts on “Big Bad Corn

  1. Wow, I didn’t know ethanol was so inefficient! I’m getting a new car soon and was interested in a flex-fuel option, but I guess I’ll be passing on that. Also, one of the organic cereal companies needs to make a version of corn Chex, I miss it soooo much since I’ve cut out GM corn! 😦


    • I buy the Gorilla Munch cereal for the girls sometimes. It is like corn pops. Usually we just have oatmeal or pancakes because they are cheaper and I am still not a huge fan of cane sugar. It is a nice breakfast treat for them.


  2. There is absolutely no doubt that ethanol, in the long run, is far worse than traditional gasoline. Planting corn and soy means the clearing of rain forests, which results in far more carbon emissions that ethanol-added fuel can possibly offset.

    However, I am unsure about high-fructose corn syrup being responsible for obesity and diabetes, however. I think it’s been caught up, to some extent, in the sweeping changes that have been made to the American diet since the 1970s – more take out, less fresh vegetables, less home-cooked meals in general because women increasingly joined the workforce during and after the civil-rights movement. Correlation with HFC? Certainly. Causation? I don’t know.

    PS – I really like your blog! Zemanta suggested it to me when I was writing a draft of a new post. Amazing recipes!


    • Thanks Vandana! I thought that the infographic was interesting, so I decided to share it. It is good to think about things. I avoid high fructose corn syrup because it is a very refined and addictive man-made sweetener. Plus, your body probably can’t use the sugar up and so it gets stored as fat. I do my best to avoid all unnatural man-made and genetically modified foods. High-fructose corn syrup is also put into nearly everything on grocery store shelves, so the quantities that people are eating it are likely higher than they realize.


  3. This is a great graphic!
    Corn is one of the foods that causes inflammation (because it’s high in Omega 6 fatty acids) and inflammation is responsible for most chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Great post!


  4. Awesome article Tiffany! Thanks for sharing…I shared it as well with my Facebook friends. Corn is one of the worst foods for my hubby, he has gout and it causes major attacks if he eats it so of course he cannot eat it at all anymore.


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