Homemade Printable Christmas Photo Ornaments

Last night the girls and I did a last minute Christmas craft.



We decided to make some Christmas tree ornaments to give as gifts and I also wanted a set as a keepsake to have on our own tree. I found this downloadable printable ornament template and printed a few. We then got busy making our own ornaments. I think that they turned out rather cute!


The idea for this craft came after I got them to dress up and pose for a nice photo together.


If you don’t have kids (or maybe you just have one), you should know that getting three kids to look good in a photo is a near impossible task. It is hard enough to get them all to look at the camera. If you succeed at this, you should be very proud of yourself! I am very happy with the above photo.

Case in point.




Kesa hates pictures and never looks at the camera.


Autumn has been trained to pose for pictures since birth. lol. When we were looking at them after she said “I look the same in every picture.” I had to laugh because it’s true.



Goofy girls.


Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!! 🙂


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