I received a comment recently from someone that is close to me who mentioned that my blog tends to come off as boastful. This comment really saddened me. If you really knew me in real life, you would see that I am an extremely shy, sensitive person. I have also battled with low self-esteem a lot in my life (and still sometimes do).

When this person made this comment to me, it really made me feel bad. My intention when blogging is mostly to help myself see my life from a different perspective and to reflect upon it with gratitude. Life can seem so crazy (especially when you are raising a family) and it can be hard to stay positive and present in the whirlwind or mundane day to day tasks. I like to sit down at the computer and have a look at our picture folder and put together grateful posts to help me set my mind on all the good in my life and all the reasons I have to be happy. I also like to collect quotes and inspiring pictures to remind me to never give up and to keep on striving to see the light and give the world my best while I am here.

Another reason that I have a blog (and why I don’t just make my blog private) is to connect with people who share similar interests. Being vegan, being a stay at home mom and being someone who likes to think deeply about things all make me different than the norm. It is nice to “meet” people who I have something in common with and to connect with and inspire others who are on the same path in life. I also like to share my recipes because I know a lot of people have thanked me for posting family-friendly recipes or recipes that are familiar and use familiar ingredients.

I really feel that my blogging comes from my heart. My blog is my space where I reflect upon and share my life, whether that is expressed through thoughts, pictures, recipes, inspiring words and quotes or videos. I don’t write what I just think people want to hear and I don’t try to be somebody that I am not. I like to be honest and real and to also share my humanness, not just a picture-perfect reality. I feel there are enough blogs putting out an image of perfection or that claim to have the answers for everyone in life about everything.

I hope that those who have been reading my blog can sense my heart in it and do not feel judged by my posts or as though I am bragging or being boastful. I also hope that in sharing my life publicly as I do that it is benefiting somebody out there in a positive way. I know that it does help me to post, but now I have been worrying if it is doing more harm than good to have it public, that maybe it should just be my own private thing. The last thing I want is to make others feel badly.