What’s On Your Mind?

Just as the food that we eat either nourishes or harms our physical bodies and can be life-giving or lead to illness and cause harm and disease, so do our thoughts and what we choose to put into our consciousness affect our mind and depress or uplift our spirit. The stimulation that we take in through our senses throughout the day, does indeed affect us, whether we may be conscious of it or not. We are what we think and what we put in our minds. What we choose to focus our mind on does affect us.

Ever since I was a child, I had a natural sense, a feeling and discernment in my spirit for what brought me peace and what stole my peace. Not until I grew up and went through many different trying times in my life did I realize that everything I was taking in through my senses and what I was focusing my mind on really had an affect on me. I became more conscious, not only of my eating and the karma of my food choices, but also of what I was allowing to shape my mind through music, television, the books or magazines that I read, the people that I surrounded myself and the thoughts that I was thinking as well.

I made the decision to choose a more meditative lifestyle in 2009 and focus on truly satisfying and uplifting nourishment for my soul and spirit. As I became more conscious of what I was feeding my body, I also began to be conscious of what I was feeding my soul and what food I was giving my mind and spirit. I realized more and more who I was as a spiritual being and began to devote my life to spiritual growth and health as well as physical health, only allowing in my senses what I feel is gratifying, life-giving and nourishing and striving to live my life in line with my inner truth.

I guess that you could say we live a pretty sheltered life. I am very conscious of the soul/spiritual food that my children take in also. The kids spend a lot of time in their own reality and not in front of the television or computer. They do crafts, play, read or go outside. They are living in the spirit and the kingdom of childhood and I feel good knowing that I am doing my best to not take away from that. My husband and I both believe in allowing them to unfold naturally and not impress our beliefs and thoughts on them or have them be indoctrinated by others. That is a big part of why we homeschool and our spiritual beliefs also. We do not have television channels, but the kids use the T.V. sometimes to watch a show. When they do, I make sure that the things that they see are wholesome and age-appropriate. I am also conscious of the way my life and my example is affecting them and although I am not perfect, I do my best to be aware of how I act in front of them, how I speak and how I treat them and other people.

I have my blog, but I try to not get too sucked into the computer and browsing around the internet. I don’t do facebook or other social networking sites because I do not find them to be uplifting. I also do not pay attention to the news, as I find that terribly depressing and not something I wish to direct my thoughts towards. Instead, I want to focus on the good and the true. I try to not take in too much of other people’s opinions or thoughts or compare myself to others. My focus is mostly on my journey and uncovering who I am. I believe that others help us to find ourselves and mirror ourselves back to us also, so I do not live in isolation. I am however, careful and mindful of what exactly it is I am taking in and who I choose to surround myself with. I make a point to get outside everyday and do yoga a few times a week and I love to write and to spend time on self-reflection and contemplating the bigger picture.

What’s on your mind? Do you find yourself heavily influenced by mainstream media? Do you spend a lot of time with your television on, immersed in your phone, email, social networking or internet sites? Do you take the time to reflect on the harmful substances that you are taking in your senses daily or how the things you read, see or hear affect you? Is there a way that you could be putting more wholesome ideas in your mind or let go of the constant need for stimulation and choose a better way to nourish your soul/spirit? Are you able to separate yourself from your thoughts or take time to meditate? Can you discern between which thoughts and beliefs are your own and what you have maybe just accepted as truth?

Lately I have been getting up before the rest of the family to read, write, meditate, pray and turn my attention to spirit right away in the morning again so that I can start my day with the right intentions and focus my energy on love. It has really helped me to be more relaxed and at peace and able to focus better on the loving acts that I do for my family with devotion. I feel better able to give love once I have nourished my own soul and spirit with the right foods.

These were the thoughts on my mind this morning after my meditation and prayer and so I had to come and write and share this self-reflection and food for thought.

Have a lovely Sunday!


One thought on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Yes, what we focus on definitely affects us in so many ways as I have been learning! I, too, stay away from watching or reading too much news. It can get depressing fast! My husband enjoys reading it though, and he shares important stuff. I am trying to remember that the more positive things I focus on, the more will come into my life!


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