Dear Brothers & Sisters

Dear Brother & Sisters,

I see you. I see the light and love and potential within you. I see that we are one in spirit and I wish that we all knew it to be so. I wish we never did forget who we are and why we are here so that we wouldn’t have to keep running around and searching in fear for something, anything to fill our hungry and thirsty selves with things that do not truly satisfy. In forgetfulness we chase highs that temporarily give us some kind of “happiness” that never lasts because it is not really what we want.

I wish that we could all learn to not fear silence and going within, so that we could step back and realize just what we are doing to our earth, to the animals and to our fellow men. To see the error that we make in not seeing the divine in everything and the ungrateful state of mind that we often live in. So much of it often saddens me, but I am not without hope or faith. I know that all darkness, doubt, confusion and forgetfulness is all apart of the process of waking us up to the truth and to reality. We are here to awaken and remember. Some are already awakening, some are not quite ready, but we will all, each of us get there eventually.

Today I want you to know that I see you. I feel your sadness and your yearning. I have it too. What you feel, I feel. Maybe not in the same way, but your suffering, your yearning, sadness, forgetfulness and mine are not separate. We are one.

Today I wanted to encourage you to not be afraid to let go of what keeps you from yourself and from living the life you want to, a life that is in-line with your highest self, with truth and with God. You do not need to be afraid any more. You do not need to use those temporary highs to get by because deep down, we all know that that method is not working and it never will.

Find your truth. Live you truth. Let go. Trust. And most of all, enjoy each step of your transformative journey.

(The girls and I watched this video for homeschooling a few weeks ago and it spoke to me on a spiritual level about dying to self and being reborn in spirit. What a beautiful image we are given in the death of the caterpillar who lays down his life to be transformed into a butterfly.)

Much Love,


6 thoughts on “Dear Brothers & Sisters

  1. Note:

    You shall be quoted because I’ve got several people who might just need this right now. You’ve helped me get through this moment in my life; I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to truth be told.



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