My Children

Autumn Meredith


~ Always lends a helping hand.

~ Has huge sympathy for other people and animals.

~ Is a sensitive soul and cries over books and movies or sad news.

~ Loves swimming at the beach or the pool.

~ Easily makes a friend.

~ Is a memorable character. Everyone knows and loves Autumn.

~ Is a redhead.

~ Loves ice cream, pizza, quinoa and black bean burgers, taco casserole, soup and bread and will try almost anything.

~ Loves to help cook and bake.

~ Is super good at cleaning up messes and organizing (better than me).

~ Loves to write stories.

~ Loves fairies and crystals.

~ Is a natural born dancer.

~ Loves the trampoline.

~ Teaches me compassion and love. Helps me to be a more giving and loving person.

Kesara Emmalynn


~ Loves to give big hugs, she will even sneak up and attack you with a big hug around your waist.

~ Has a big heart.

~ Is shy and quiet most of the time, especially around different or new people, but once you get to know her she lets her true self shine.

~ Is funny and always makes us laugh with her funny voices and silly dancing, acting and booty shaking .

~ Has an amazing imagination and can make a game out of anything, especially things in nature like flowers, sticks or rocks.

~ Loves cats and baby dolls (she has 7 children now).

~ Has to sleep with Cally her caterpillar every night who protects her from bad dreams.

~ Eats the same things, perogies, grilled cheese sandwiches, hotdogs, potatoes, cereal, apples, carrots and peppers.

~ Doesn’t like crusts on her sandwiches.

~ Is picky and not a fan of trying new things.

~ Does not like to be told what to do. Stubborn is the word.

~ Loves to draw stories with no words and narrate them.

~ Loves to go to the store with mommy to buy whatever we need for the day. This is our special mommy/daughter time.

~ Loves to read Frog and Toad and other animal stories.

~ Teaches me to have a big heart too. To relax and be fun, silly and spontaneous. Reflects myself back to me in her stubbornness and pickiness, that’s why it drives me crazy! People also say Kesa looks a lot like me. When I was young my hair was strawberry blonde and not red like it is now. We will have to see if she turns out to be a red head too!

Serafina Arabella


Serafina; named after the seraphim, the highest ranking order of angels.

Arabella; means an answered prayer.

~ Loves fresh fruits and vegetables. Carrots, apples, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers.

~ Loves simple foods and tastes, like puffed wheat cereal and plain popcorn or toast.

~ Loves music, especially Jason Mraz and John Mayer. Hum melodies of her favorite songs all day long.

~ Loves to be outside in nature, especially near the water.

~ Loves to spin in the computer chair.

~ Loves to dance and spin in circles.

~ Loves sock monkeys and her puppy.

~ Loves toothbrushes.

~ Loves to go for long walks with mommy, especially by the river.

~ Will be affectionate when she wants to.

~ Is a happy, healthy girl who has taught me so much about redefining normal and letting go of my perfectionism and trying to control things. She has taught me that it is all about being. Being still, appreciating the present, enjoying simple things, calming down the mind, opening my eyes, eating healthy, high-vibrating foods, loving life and being happy with the world God created, knowing it is a beautiful place.

I am grateful today for all of my children and their different personalities and for the lessons that they teach me daily.