For Today

Outside my window… The birds are chirping and it is a bit dark and gloomy. I suppose that it is going to rain (again).

I am thinking… That I am happy to be up before the kids and that I have a space of time to do things right now, but really do not want to do any of them. It is funny how that happens.

I am thankful… For family. For friends. For good food. For slowly getting my house in order.

In the kitchen… Today I am excited about just having breakfast. Toast with peanut butter and tea (boring, but satisfying). I am easy to please.

I am wearing… Pajama bottoms and a Jason Mraz t-shirt.

I am creating… Plans are stirring in my mind about paintings I would love to do and some work in photoshop on some of my favorite quotes and photos that I have taken merging to create some kind of beautiful thing to share on my blog. I have had this idea for many months now, just don’t know when and where to start yet.

I am going… To my brother-in-laws wedding. Very exciting! Love my family!

I am wondering… Why I am so sore today. I blame Craig’s massage. Love them, but hate them the next day. My body gets so lazy and relaxed. It is probably good for me. It slows me down.

I am reading… I am always reading a million things at once and take forever to finish anything. I was reading on Feng Shui, Steiner (of course), How To Achieve Peace Of Mind, In The Meantime, Rhythms of Learning, Steiner Education In Theory and Practice. Yea. The list goes on. But last night I started a new classic with the girls, A Little Princess. I know that it is going to be good!

I am hoping… To get in some yoga today sometime, since Craig is home all day and I can hopefully sneak in an hour for myself. To relax and to enjoy my family and my food and my life. To do something artistic. To read to the girls at night again. To go to bed grateful. (At night we list things we are grateful for together and it is a beautiful practice and really helps you to go to bed happy and sleep well).

I am looking forward to… Relaxing on this Sunday. To reading a lot since it looks like it will rain all day.

I am learning…. That being all anxious in your thoughts is pointless (I know I have been learning this forever now). It doesn’t help you get anything done any faster. Being overwhelmed and having defeating thoughts sucks and saps my energy away. Having thoughts of gratitude, positivity, hope and love really are energy-boosting! It is all about perspective and we are the only ones who can change our crazy heads. Nothing is achieved by trying and trying, but by mentally letting go, it all gets done. I have seen this to be true so many times, yet I continually take back that control as I am human. Live and learn right?

Around the house… I am enjoying burning frankincense. I got some pure frankincense that makes the house smell so lovely and feel so peaceful.

I am pondering… Another massage.

A favorite quote for today… I will pick a few that are going through my mind right now.

From Mraz, Love is a funny thing, it’s making my blood flow with energy. From Love Someone.

Think of the people that you love the most
Send them your light and hold them close
Say I will shine on you, I will shine on you
No matter the distance, the space, or the time
Love travels at the speed of light
I will shine on you

And if you forget we are the chosen ones
Turn your eyes to the attention of the moon and sun
Wherever you go, however you move
The light is gonna shine directly to you
Let it shine on you -Jason Mraz, Shine (love this)

“The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

One of my favorite things… Pinning positive quotes and beautiful pictures of nature on pinterest.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

~ Try and keep the house in order.

~ Spend more time with Serafina (go for walks together).

~ Start making pictures of quotes with my nature photos.

~ Get Autumn and Kesa baking and/or sewing.

~ Find time to read together.

~ Phone and get together with a friend.

~ Keep an open heart and an open mind.

A photo I love…


Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!