Thoughts On The Food System

Our food system scares me.

Call that an eating disorder mentality, but it is true.

I wish that food could just be food and not be Frakenfood.

I wish that the produce that I feed my family did not have chemicals sprayed all over it, or be “Round-Up Ready.”

I can’t help caring that so many animals are dying for people’s appetites, many so unnecessarily. Many without even having been consumed mindfully with gratitude for the fact that they have given up their life to be food.

I hate seeing food and resources going to waste.

It bothers my conscience, but I buy and eat the produce that I know has been sprayed with pesticides sometimes because I have no other choice.

I’ve consumed animal foods and tried to suppress my real feelings about it for the sake of belonging.

I pretend that I don’t know what they put in the animal feed too.

And all of that packaging waste going into our landfills.

Is this any way to live?

Should we be forced to shut off our true feelings about these things?

Should we allow these companies so much power?

Do we really have a choice?

Food is powerful. Whatever we spend our dollar on, we are voting for the kind of world that we want to see and the world that we want our children to inherit.

That matters.

To me anyway.

I find it my mission to somehow live life true to my values, while still being a part of this world, all the while teaching my girls what is right and true from my example and the choices that I make, enabling them to make their own choices as adults from their realm of childhood experience.

They are watching.

They are learning.

What are we teaching our children?

What kind of example are we leaving the younger generation?

What do we plan on leaving them when we are gone?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Food System

  1. If that is an eating disorder mentality then there are a LOT of people out there with the same one! And no, it isn’t 😉 it IS scary to think about what is in foods these days. My sister lives in Denmark and they have laws about labeling GMOs, preservatives, coloring, and other junk in foods. She says if you look at a menu at a fast food restaurant it is riddled with footnotes about all the junk in thr foods. How unappetizing! Awesome that they are doing that, though, the rest of the world needs to catch up with Europe on labeling laws! You’re right that our dollars speak for us in terms of what we pay for. We don’t have to hold ourselves to being perfect, but day by day we can do what we can for that day. That is unfortunate that you feel judged by others about your true choices. There are not many in our friend/religious community group who are vegetarian, there are no vegans, but we still feel included. When we go to a gathering the people make sure to ask what we can and cannot eat and there is always *something* we can eat. I feel blessed to live in such a place. Perhaps it is because there is such a mix of cultures and ideas here that people are more willing to accomodate and keep an open mind.


    • That sounds like a good place to live. I think it is important to know what is in our food. The menu labeling sounds like a good idea, just like how they now have to put pictures on cigarette packages of the reality and effects of smoking and the cancer and diseases that it causes. I wish that GMO’s were more widely known and that people were concerned about it. We don’t know what the effects of these “foods” will be in the future and we have the right to know what we are feeding our children. I do my best and be content with that. I also don’t want to alienate myself or drive myself crazy because of it. I just do what I can do within my own power. Thanks for your comment Honey. 🙂


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