20 Of Our Favorite Non-GMO Foods

I wanted to share a post on some of our favorite non-GMO snacks, treats and kitchen staples, some things that I buy instead of make at home for us to enjoy, as well as some new things I have picked up lately and want to try.

Here are some of our favorite non-GMO foods. Also known as food the way it should be.

1) Silver Hills Bakery Sprouted Grain Bread


This organic sprouted grain bread is the bread that we have been buying for years! We always stock up on it and keep it in our freezer. It comes in many flavors. Our favorites are Squirrelly (which has sesame seeds on the crust and sunflower seeds inside), The Big 16 (made with 16 grains and has oats on the crust), and Little Big Bread (thinner slices, that still pack a nutritional punch, with less calories). The Mack’s flax one is good too. We all love the Squirrelly one the best of them all.

2) Organic Kamut, Quinoa, or Rice Noodles


The girls love to eat pasta, so I try to buy pasta in different shapes and made with different types of grains to change things up. They especially love vegetable kamut rotini. Plain pasta is one of Serafina’s favorite foods of all time.


3) Unsalted Raw Nuts or Unsalted Roasted Nuts without Oil Added to Them


We like to have some nuts kicking around to bake with, snack on, or to use in cereal. I like to make sure that the nuts we buy are unsalted and raw. If we are buying roasted nuts, I make sure to buy the ones that do not have any oil added to them. Look out for nuts that are tossed in canola or soybean oil, as well as trail mix loaded with salt and sugar.

4) Organic Fruit Juice-Sweetened Dried Fruit


I found these fruit juice-sweetened dried mixed berries and also cranberries at our grocery store in town. They are so fresh and perfectly sweetened with fruit juice instead of refined sugar. They also do not have oil in them! These are great for snacking on or for using in recipes.

5) Zevia




Zevia is a soda that is sweetened with erythritol and stevia and has natural flavors. It has zero calories and no refined sugar. Most of them are also color-free and clear, except for Cream Soda, Ginger Root Beer, Cola, and Ginger Ale, which have a caramel color to them. I love Zevia and we buy it every time we do our big grocery shop in the city (every 2-4 weeks). Our favorite flavors are Orange, Grape, Caffeine-Free Cola, Ginger Root Beer, and Ginger Ale.  I never really was a fan of soda pop before, but these guilt-free sodas are delicious and I feel good about our girls drinking them too. They do have citric acid in them and that can wear away tooth enamel for those who have sensitive, or thinning teeth. That is the only problem I can see with them.

6) Zero Vitamin Water


Zero Vitamin Water  is another beverage that is sweet and enjoyable. It contains no calories and no refined sugar. Zero Vitamin water is again sweetened with erythritol and stevia. I love to have Vitamin Water every day if I can. My favorite is the “squeezed” one that tastes like lemonade or the Orange-flavored, “rise” variety.

7) Real Food Corn Thins


Corn thins are a yummy snack that tastes just like popcorn with no genetically modified ingredients! They are lightly salted with sea salt and are low-calorie too. I like the Sesame and Original ones the best. You can eat them as is, spread some peanut butter on them, or top them with whatever you enjoy.

8) Organic Greens


I go through a lot of organic spinach and field greens!

9) Kiju


[image source]

Serafina’s favorite juice is Kiju. She has always loved to drink fresh fruit juice and eat fresh fruit (especially berries), since she was a baby. This juice is much more delicious than regular juice and comes in pomegranate cherry, mango orange, lemonade, apple, and apple grape. All of us love this juice!

10) Silk Unsweetened Almond or Soy Milk


[image source]

I like Silk Pure Almond, unsweetened almond milk as my milk of choice, Kesa loves Original Silk, Serafina doesn’t drink any milk, and Autumn and Craig drink organic cow milk. We have many different types of milk in this house.

11) Herbal Tea



Craig drinks a lot of tea. I fell in love with herbal tea too, last summer, but go in phases with it. We always have a lot of different herbal tea, and organic medicinal tea kicking around. I sweeten my tea with alcohol-free original stevia and Craig uses organic honey as his sweetener choice.

12) Liquid Stevia


Liquid stevia is great as a sweetener for coffee or tea, or for use in recipes. Stevia has zero calories and is a natural sweetener alternative to sugar or honey. You can also add it to banana ice cream or plain yogurt. I like to use English Toffee or Dark Chocolate stevia in coffee. The coconut one is great in fruity herbal tea or with carbonated water and fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice for a tropical-feeling beverage. My only problem with liquid stevia is that it has alcohol in it and you can taste it. I like to buy the alcohol-free original one and use it moderately in recipes or beverages from time to time.

Another thing we have done with stevia is made slushies with it by blending up ice in a food processor and adding a few drops of pomegranate blueberry, or tropical fruit stevia for a sugar-free, color-free, all-natural slushie treat! The girls love this!

13) Earth Balance Buttery Spread


[image source]

A non-GMO alternative to margarine that is usually made with canola oil and/or soybean oil. We also buy organic butter sometimes too.

14) Puffins Cereal and Corn Puffs




[image source]

Puffins cereal is a great alternative to corn bran cereal. We like corn, so it is great to have these organic cereal options. The girls eat corn puffs like popcorn.

15) Herbamare


[image source]

I like to use sodium-free Herbamare as an alternative to table salt or sea salt. It is made with freshly harvested, organic vegetables and herbs and is simply delicious, tasting just like salt.

16) Krisda Chocolate Chips


Again, sweetened with erythritol and stevia, these chocolate chips are sugar free and gluten free too and have a deliciously rich cocoa flavor. They also have 5 grams of fibre per tablespoon. I like to use them in chocolate chip banana bread, muffins, or chocolate chip cookies and we also just like to eat them for fun.

17) L’Ancetre Organic Cheese


If my girls want cheese, I buy them organic cheese. This is the brand we enjoy.

18) Whole Grain and Seed Artisan Bread


I found this artisan bread at Sobeys last week. It is made with organic ingredients and is really delicious! If you have a Sobeys near by, check out the bakery section for this delicious fresh whole grain bread, loaded with seeds and organic goodness.

19) Sisu Organic Gummy Vitamin Cubes


The girls love these gummy vitamin cubes. I love them because they are free of artificial colors and flavors.

20) GoBio! Organic Vegetable Bouillon Cubes


[image source]

I like to buy these GoBio! vegetable bouillon cubes to make soup with. You can also buy yeast-free or sodium-free varieties.


Other things we enjoy…


PC organic mini chocolate chip cookies.


Serafina’s favorite food of all time, organic frozen berries and fruit.

Eden Organic Apple Butter! I love Apple Butter! It is better to me than any jam.


[image source]


Eco-friendly toothpaste (Green Beaver), shampoo (Jason), laundry soap (eco-max), and dish soap (nature clean). All products are natural and free of potentially harmful ingredients.

I also have recently bought some organic coconut syrup and organic toasted coconut chips to try out. We tasted the coconut chips already and they are very delicious! I am thinking of using them in a cookie or granola of some kind.



I hope that you appreciate this post! 🙂

Do you have any favorite organic staples? Have you ever tried any of these products?


8 thoughts on “20 Of Our Favorite Non-GMO Foods

  1. I use ‘Organic Fruit Juice-Sweetened Dried Fruit’ too, in the muffins and cookies from your recipe book. We eat them in salads as well. I use a lot of Eden Organic products – pasta, tomato paste, ketchup, jam etc. All our green, vegetables and fruits are organic. We get a lot of Earthbound produce here but I try to use local produce as much as I can.

    We switched to 100% organic cow’s milk this year. Recently, figured out that cow’s milk is causing a lot of mucous in my body so I have stopped taking it. I am looking for replacements for my milk. I tried almond milk but the taste was too strong for me. I got Rude Earth almond milk this week to try.

    I need to have ‘now’ vanilla extract, nuts and organic bread from a local bakery in my house. We eat a lot of Indian bread ‘chapati’ which I make fresh. Pasta is another staple I have in my kitchen.

    We don’t take any coke or cola. After reading about Zevia on your blog I tried to find it here. I found ‘Blue Sky’. It is also sweetened using Stevia. I can pronounce other ingredients it has. Kids tried it this week. Akshat loved it. Aarohi got a bit confused about the taste 😖.


    • Nice of you to share! We like Zevia and Eden products are great! I don’t personally like cow milk (or any dairy), but Craig and Autumn really do. The rest of us can go without. Kesa likes her cheese.

      I think you have to get used to the taste of almond milk. I used to find it strong too. I don’t find milk too important. I use it mostly in baking, but rarely ever drink milk or have cereal. The girls often prefer cereal dry to snack on too.

      Hope that you have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your list. 🙂 I do my best to buy only non-gmo, but sometimes I will purchase things that aren’t. We still love Oreos in our house lol!

    We buy Silk as well. My husband LOVES the vanilla almond, while the kids and I prefer either the chocolate almond or chocolate soy. One of our favorite snacks are the lightly salted Calbee Harvest Snapea Crisps. They are soooooooo good!


  3. Thank you for sharing such a big list. I buy almost all organic and non GMO. I’m becoming more and more aware of the danger in Processed food, everything ultra sugary and “fake”. My kids and myself drink unsweetened organic almond milk which is great and with your granola recipes even better 😉 thanks for sharing the solgar vitamin for kids…I had no idea they had it, I’ll order one right now…I wasn’t happy giving them a multivitamin that sounds more like a typical unhealthy candy. Btw I buy the same nuts than you and for household I use ecover… Did you check ewg website? I think it’s very good to see toxic and non toxic households, cosmetics and that.
    Your daughters are so adorable helping you to show the products.


  4. I just tried peppermint tea yesterday for the first time and it is good with a squeeze of lemon and sweetener, and I also like using earth balance margarine. I used to buy a product called Red Pepper Miso Mayo made by a company called So Good at Mom’s Organic Market and was so heartbroken when they stopped selling it, because it tasted so good on my veggie burger sandwiches and as a dip with raw veggies, and is also non gmo.


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