Friend Mail

I love when I check my email in the morning and I wake up to emails from everyday people just like me who feel touched or inspired by my blog.

Sometimes I get messages from people who really seem to admire and look up to me and honestly I wonder, why?

I really and truly am just a human being, just like anyone else. I really and truly believe that the only thing that might make me seem admirable and inspirational is the fact that I attempt as much as possible to be human and relateable in my life and in my writings. I can’t stand anything phoney or inauthentic. To live or write this way is just not me.

So today I just wanted to say how truly touched I am to have made so many connections to people through my writings.  I never would have thought that something that started out as a journal for my own self-healing and discovery would touch the lives of so many. I never would have thought that in facing my fears and being open and honest with myself in writing and in sharing it publicly I could also help many others who see through the inauthenticity of life and who strive to consciously find their own true self and their place in this world in which we live as a spiritual being, as well as a human being.

To everyone who reads my writings and finds a connection to me, I want you to know how much you mean to me. I don’t consider myself above you in any way, or worthy of admiration. I don’t consider your email messages to be fan mail. Whenever I receive a comment in this space or a message in my inbox,  I consider it friend mail. I feel that connection,  that sameness on a deeper level.

I am truly grateful to all of the souls that I share a connection with, whether or not you have even ever let me know that you are out there. I believe my writing is often inspired and that in sharing my life and the inspirations that I receive I am helping others to also tune into their intuition, face their own fears, and rise into the self they know intuitively that they can and should be.

To all of my friends, with love,


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