Thinking About Moving


We have made a lot of beautiful memories in our “big yellow house.” To think of moving to a new place is a bit sad for us all, but at the same time, I do feel ready for a change.


When out for a walk one day with Autumn, picking up trash and recycling along our way as we always do, I picked up a paper on the ground with a house for rent on it. The house is one that I always took notice to when we went walking, like the way I used to admire this house before we got it. I immediately took it as a sign.

Life in this house, at this location is very dangerous for Serafina (and for having any kids really). We are on the corner of two of the most busy streets in town, since we are on the street where the school is and also the main route into town. There is traffic from both of those streets and also a back lane, so three sides of our house are dangerous. Serafina often runs off and if we take our eyes off of her for a minute, she could end up in the street. It has happened a few times where she almost got in the way of a car and people who drive around here often whip around the corner without paying any attention. I was scared again today as Serafina took off in a matter of seconds and she was in the road as a car was just turning the corner. I also took that as a sign.

We went to look at this house for rent that is on a very quiet street in town. At first we were hesitant to even call because it is a few hundred dollars more than we are paying now and we do love our roomy five bedroom home, with plenty of space to raise our family. The only thing about this place is the busy street corner and the yard with zero privacy. There is also the scary winding staircase.


This new home is actually just as big, if not bigger, with just a main level and a basement. I had lost the paper that we picked up the first time and so I thought that the house would have been rented out, but a few weeks ago I saw a man hanging a new sign up at the grocery store in town. I took that as another sign.

That night I talked to Craig about it and we decided to give a call and arrange a time to go and take a look. When we got there we felt right at home. I loved the big kitchen windows, back deck, and the huge backyard. Craig liked the idea of having a big basement and a room to use down there for sleeping during the day when he works night shift and to keep his guitars and record his music.


So tomorrow we go and look again. We will have to decide what we are going to do soon. I hate to leave, but I do believe that right now we are given a nice opportunity to move to a safer place for our children. Both Craig and I love the idea of a big, private backyard for the kids to play and make memories in.

It is always hard to end one chapter of life to start a new one.


9 thoughts on “Thinking About Moving

  1. Great idea. Go for it. Sometimes you just have to go and don’t look back. You will make new memories in the next house and the kids will be safer. Good luck.


  2. The new house looks awesome too. Isn’t it the best way to start a new chapter. Starting out fresh is so tough when there are so many memories in a place that keep pulling you back 😊.

    There has been a lot of introspection happening in my life as well. I have a feeling of a new chapter starting in my life too. Probably as my son goes to next stage of schooling. I am not sure why is it linked so much to his school. There is a voice screaming inside me telling me that. I tried to run away from it for sometime. Didn’t help. I’ll have to deal with it.😊


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