My Husband

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My Husband

My husband is a kind man. I could see it in his eyes from the moment that I first saw him.

He is caring and devoted and I don’t believe that he would ever hurt me, or anyone else on purpose.

He makes a conscious effort to be the best man that he can be for his girls, every day.

 He likes to do whatever he can to make his woman happy and to put a smile on her face.

Although he doesn’t show it, I do believe he has a human side too, and this can be frustrating for me because he seems so near to perfect, while so many times I feel as though I fall so far short at being my ideal of the perfect wife and mother that I strive to be each day.

He is so good at keeping everything together for everyone in his care and puts himself and his needs last, which sometimes backfires on him (although his intentions are good), and he runs out of enough to give. Even if he doesn’t tell me, I can read it all over him. (Wives are like that).

I have always looked up to my husband as my teacher, as well as my lover, confidante, and most importantly, my best friend.

He makes me both jealous and crazy at times, and while I am not a fan of the emotions, I think it is a good thing.


Because after all, what would love be without a little crazy?


2 thoughts on “My Husband

    • Thanks Kim! Yes, we have thoroughly enjoyed summer. It is getting sad to see it come to an end, but I am anticipating all things fall and starting homeschooling with Kesa this year! 🙂 Sending you ❤


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