Winter Is On Its Way



Today we woke up to a lot of snow! The first snow of the year for us, which means that winter is surely on its way! Autumn and Kesa were so happy about it and couldn’t wait to go and play outside after their schooling was done for the morning!




We had a nice lunch together and then it was time for daddy to head off to work. This afternoon I decided to do a workout video because I like to stay active and I am trying to find something to do indoors for the colder winter days to get my blood flowing. Usually I do yoga, but I am wanting something more to do as well, since I’ve been doing yoga exclusively for years. I love walking, but it just isn’t something that we can all do together anymore since Serafina won’t put on any winter clothes yet this year. We try to coax her into getting her winter stuff on, yet she is perfectly content to just stay inside and so am I, as long as I can get in some kind of activity. Doing the workout felt really good (maybe not so good tomorrow) and Autumn and Kesa even joined me. It was a lot of fun to do that together.

(Hopefully soon Serafina will decide she likes to wear her jacket, hat, mitts, and boots again.)



We did something different for dinner today, we had pancakes and fruit. I really do prefer sweet to savory most often, so it really hit the spot! We’ve been enjoying a lot of pancakes these days, usually for breakfast because it seems like a cozy way to start the day.

This year we are hosting Christmas at our place for my family. We are having our get together on the 12th of December, so I am realizing there really is not too long now until Christmas. Since it snowed today too, the girls were excited about putting up the tree soon, asking if we could even do it today. I think we will do it on the weekend. I love Christmastime and am really looking forward to everything about the season (especially baking cookies). We also usually celebrate advent by doing something special every day counting down to Christmas.





What is the weather like where you are? Are you counting down the days until Christmas yet?

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Winter Is On Its Way

  1. Look at that snow!!! We are due for some on Sunday, most likely the same system that hit you. We can’t wait. The winter decorations are out here, and the tree will come the beginning of December. I too love this time of year, and am finding much peace and calm as we prepare for the holiday season.


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  2. I just love your snowy pictures 🙂 The weather here is cooling down. California “winters” arrive in late December and I am still enjoying fall weather. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. Glad to see you all are feeling better 🙂

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