Around Here

These days the weather has been really nice and beautiful! Today we woke to hoarfrost on the trees and it made for some really beautiful winter walking!






We have a sort of routine now (though our routine is always changing depending on the season and the shift that Craig is working). We wake up, do some learning together (I hate to call it work), eat breakfast, the girls then do more learning, we rest a while, make lunch, go out for a walk, and then take the evenings easy.


Usually Autumn and Kesa go play outside before dinner, while I spend some quality time with Serafina,  just hanging out, or doing her favorite thing in the whole world, dancing with her. Either slow dancing or spinning her. She loves to dance with only me, so it is our special thing.



Dinner these days is relaxed because lunch is the meal I put more effort into, since Craig is working evenings and lunch is our meal all together. We usually have sandwiches or pancakes, or even oatmeal or cereal for dinner when it is just us girls.





(I am grateful to have a helpful husband around during the day with homeschooling and tidying up.)




We then spend the evening reading or doing some corrections. Last night we watched a movie together. I have also been teaching the girls music (playing the clarinet), so many hours this week during the evenings were spent on music lessons and just me practicing and playing for them as well.



We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday as well and let the girls decorate it. Autumn is obsessed these days with perler beads, so she has been making her own decorations for the tree. Kesa is obsessed with Yoshi these days, so there are a few Yoshi’s on our tree as well!




I haven’t been in the best health for a while and have been to the doctor more this year than ever, still, life is beautiful and I am grateful! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Good morning. You have so much snow over there. We have barely any 😞. Looks beautiful. What do you take your pictures with? Always such great photos!! Girls look happy and healthy. Beautiful.
    Prayers that you start to feel yourself soon. God bless.


    • Hello! 🙂 Usually, I just use my cell phone these days to take pictures. I never thought they were that good. I also have a camera (Canon Rebel T3), but I haven’t really learned how to use it. Just shoot on auto mode. Thanks for the well wishes! I am on antibiotics again (round 5 since June), so hopefully they help! I hate taking antibiotics over and over. 😦


  2. I do envy your midday meal! If only our culture allowed for such things. We’ve tried it from time to time, but as the kids have grown and gone off, it’s just not sustainable. Ah well. What a lovely rhythm you have! And a beautiful winter wonderland. 🙂


  3. I’m so sorry you are still having health issues. I do hope it gets better soon.
    Your pictures are lovely… I’m very jealous of your snow. Breathe in that fresh air for us okay? xox


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