Calm and Bright











Where did I leave off?

Life has been so full, but in a good way. The Christmas season has been calm and bright. The weather is warm and we are enjoying all of life’s simple pleasures; good food, family, and a fine balance between being outdoors and cozying up by the fire reading books or watching movies.

It feels like there was a lot of Christmas. Christmas eve we celebrated at home and had my parents over for. We made stir-fry and watched the kids open their gifts from us. They got some Lego and some books from us. Tennyson’s poems for Autumn and 101 Dalmations and The Blue Fairy Book for Kesa. Kesa also got some Calico Critters and Autumn got some Pearler bead stuff to create with. Serafina got a little pink chair, just her size, which is super cute and some new sleepers.

Grandma spent a lot of time and effort making Autumn and Kesa beautiful new quilts for their beds!

Christmas day there were presents from Santa and stockings full of candy and a Beanie Boo each. Autumn got another Beanie Boo owl for her collection and Lego. Serafina got some bath toys to play with in the water and Kesa got a Magic 8 ball and some more Lego (needless to say, we have a Lego city set up in our living room now). Christmas afternoon we spent with Craig’s family and then came home to enjoy another Christmas movie.

Serafina is still making great eye contact and is super outgoing and affectionate to us. Every time we are reading or watching something, she comes and cuddles up to us. She also is very smiley for the camera and loves the flash.

Christmas night Kesa had a loose tooth and the next day it came right out. It was the first tooth that she lost so far and she is just over 7 1/2 years old. Another reminder that my children are growing up!

On the 30th, the girls had a laser tag birthday party to go to for their cousin, so Craig took them and I stayed home with Serafina. I took the opportunity to homeschool plan ahead that evening to get ready to start things up again, which we did yesterday.

Money was is tight, so I stretch our funds as best I can to make meals the cheapest possible. We’ve been enjoying a lot of pancakes, soup and homemade bread and cookies. A bag of flour sure does go a long way!

On New Year’s Eve we had a family game night with snacks and treats which was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the time spent unplugged from media and laughing and playing together.

New Year’s Day we all went to Grandma and Gaga’s (my parents) place to try out their new sledding hill and the neighbor’s kids joined in too! Autumn and Kesa slept over so Craig and I spent the evening relaxing and watching documentaries, something we used to enjoy doing before life got so busy with our kids–both relaxing and watching something together.

The next day we were off to buy some groceries in the city and visit with cousins.

After having such a fun time sledding at the grandparents, we decided to take the kids sledding in town on “tall path” (as Kesa calls it) on Sunday. It is a super huge hill which was dangerously exciting and we all had fun. How can we not get outside when it is only -3 most days and the sun is shining so bright?

Schooling began again yesterday and today the girls even went skating in town with daddy on this beautiful, sunny day while I prepared lunch.

Life is beautiful! I am grateful! ๐Ÿ™‚

How did/are you enjoy/ing the Christmas season?ย 

Much Love,


11 thoughts on “Calm and Bright

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I’m very happy for you. Our holidays were a bit up and down, but all and all, very good. The kiddos got utterly spoiled which is always fun. Now, we start our new therapy adveture with Little Man. First meet next Monday, we are thrilled!

    Wishing you wonderful New Year my dear. xox


  2. Great pictures! I love that their grandmother makes them gifts. That is so cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ … I have a feeling that more people will have to try stretching their dollars this year. I know we certainly are… Who is the doggie? I’ve never seen him (her?) before.


    • Thanks Starr! Yes, I am glad my mom started making them things a few years back too! Such memories for them to have to look back on! The dog is my parents dog. They got him while I was in grade 8 (13 years old), so he’s kinda my dog too since I picked him out as a puppy. His name is Mo (Mozart is his full name). It is surprising he has never made it onto the blog before. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess he decided to sneak in this time! He loves swimming and being anywhere near where the kids are having fun!

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