Moving Forward



Summer has been good to us. As I was walking this morning, I was thinking about how much I actually love July. One top reason for me is that blueberries and strawberries are deliciously in season!


I had my midwife appointment in the city yesterday and she told me my due date is actually September 4th, instead of the 9th, which makes me 5 days ahead of what I thought, which is like a whole week! I was happy to hear that, especially since I was starting to think that this baby was getting very big and heavy already, with tons of strong jabs (that keep me up at night), but if I’m 5 days ahead that makes me going on 33 weeks this Sunday with only just over 7 more to go!


32 weeks 4 days


Yesterday, we also picked up a new bike for Serafina. We bought the bike new for her and The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation did work on it to make it suit her special needs.



A bike is totally new to her so she has no idea really how to peddle or steer but even in just two times of using it she is getting the idea. She loves the bike anyway and whenever she sees it she wants to ride it. It’s great that it has a seat support and strap, handle at the back to push, and velcro to strap her shoes to the peddles. We are so grateful to have got this for her! ๐Ÿ™‚


Autumn and I finished up her Geology and Astronomy block for sixth grade Waldorf homeschool. We studied the earth and other planets, the rock and water cycles, volcanoes, different rocks and minerals, winds, longitude and latitude, lunar phases and effects, eclipses, and great astronomers and their theories, like that of Ptolomy’s geocentrism and Copernicus’ heliocentrism. We also touched on Pythagoras, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, and Galileo. There was a ton more in there too that I’m not all going to list.

I had a lot of fun teaching this unit and I’m always sad when we’re done with something, but I will get to teach it again to Kesa someday soon. Next, we will do some physics experiments and then Ancient Rome.

A few special things we did: making our own sundial and charting the sun’s path throughout the day, bought some crystals to add to her collection, and made constellation cupcakes. We also just took more notice of the rocks around where we live and the sun and sky, noting the types of clouds on certain days as well.


Autumn’s crystal collection. Her favorites are amethyst, sun stone, and obsidian.

Kesa is about done her 2nd grade block on the Saints. We learned about many Saints, but the ones that she made main lesson pages on were, St. Mary, St. Jerome, St. Christopher, St. George, St. Francis, St. Martin, St. Nicholas, and Joan of Arc. Next we will move onto some Native American studies in the form of Legends and storytelling and then math.

We, well, Craig read Fury and The Mustangs by Albert Miller because I was too stuffed up. It was a great story and the girls loved it. We’ve now began reading Pinocchio again, even though we read it once in 2014. It is a really entertaining story, with great morals. We just love it!


We got Tarzan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the mail yesterday too, so we might start Tarzan next.

All this while we all had our nasty cold! That’s why I love homeschooling, because we can do it in the comfort of bed or on the couch and at our own pace.


Making soup with mom

That’s where we’re at. I felt that so much is going on that I needed to write it all out and reflect upon it.

This weekend we are looking forward to more time at the beach, now that we are almost 100% better. Next weekend we may take a camping trip, weather and health permitting.

Sending positive vibes, love and light your way! ๐Ÿ™‚