One Step Closer – Cookbook Progress

Hello everyone! πŸ™‚

I received the printed proof copy of my new cookbook SAVOR: Simple Affordable Vegan Organic Recipes yesterday. I am very pleased with it and can have the copies printed out as soon as I decide what binding type I would like to choose.



This is where you come in. I am asking you, the readers of my blog and purchasers of my book what your preference is.

Do you prefer a spiral binding that allows the book to open easily and lay flat?

Or do you prefer the book to have a spine and look all nice and pretty when on the shelf?

The company I am going with this time is different from the last printing company so there is no risk of the cookbooks coming apart on the binding, as some customers had issues with when they attempted to open their Live.Learn.Love.Eat. books fully to make the recipes.

I think that the spine does make for a nicer book but the spiral is more practical, so it’s tough for me to decide. I am planning on possibly printing whichever binding type I don’t choose now at a later date to have copies of both types to sell, but for now I have to choose one because I only have budget enough for one type.

Please let me know your preference by taking this simple poll below and/or leaving me a comment! πŸ™‚

Even if you aren’t planning on purchasing the book, or you are just an ebook person, I would still love your opinion.

Thanks so much!


15 thoughts on “One Step Closer – Cookbook Progress

  1. Looks lovely! A hard decision about the binding. Your first cookbook has fallen apart in several places, but so have some other cookbooks that I have. I guess that is always a risk. I think I’d go for spiral.


  2. I always appreciate a spiral binding. Whenever I use a book with a spines I have to find heavy tin cans to hold it open for me… Not that it changes my vote, but would the spiral binding be plain metal coils or would it have a flat side with the book’s name written on it (like the Company’s Coming series)?

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    • I should have mentioned about the spiral binding… I think I’ll add that to the post! It’s a plastic binding not metal because they say that bends and wrecks the book. It is just a coil with no flat side.

      I do the same thing with cookbooks! Find myself a couple of heavy cans! Lol!

      Looks by the poll like we’ll be going with spiral for this round of books and the regular binding next printing round!

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