Autumn had her 12th birthday on October 10th of this year. I didn’t get a chance to make her a special birthday cake since life is still so busy with a newborn, so yesterday I mustered up enough energy to make a stack of some special birthday carrot cake pancakes for breakfast.


The girls also decided to make some icing to put on top and we found some candles and lit them up. It was a special way to celebrate her birthday even though it is much belated.


Every year on her birthday it is always around or on Thanksgiving so we usually are busy with family gatherings and we don’t have time to have a special celebration as just our family. This year was even more busy with a new baby.

She did get birthday gifts of course, and my mom did bring over a cake that she bought, but I still wanted to make her something special as it is a tradition. Usually I do end up making a carrot cake because that’s her favorite, so this was a way to change things up.

Birthday breakfast was a nice way to spend time together even though it was brief because Pheonyx did start to cry a lot. I’m glad that I found the time to make the pancakes for her and they were so delicious! (The recipe is in my new book, coming out soon!) 🙂


I’m so proud of the beautiful young woman that she is and I hope we will continue to share a special bond for a lifetime!