Upside Down

Life somehow has seemed to turn upside down this past month. It seems like I have been to my breaking point for stress after, yet again, we tested positive for strep throat. It was Kesa and I, but everyone was put on antibiotics again.

It was like a nightmare, literally. Especially trying to get the kids to take this new poison-tasting medicine they were prescribed. They spat it out and we had to call and get more. And then Pheonyx ended up having a reaction to it and getting a fever and a rash. The past three months of ill-health have felt just like a nightmare.

Being on my thyroid medication was also causing me to have anxiety and panic attacks (something I’ve never had before) and the light and life just seemed to have left me. At least I couldn’t see it anymore, but I’m guessing 3 rounds of antibiotics will do just that – kill the life in you.

So now, I’m hoping and praying that we are all on the mend. Our last swabs for strep all came back negative so I am hoping it’s never coming back. I want to enjoy my summer with my kids and have my health back in body and mind. I still have a sore throat but they are saying it’s not strep throat again, but maybe something else. I do have another doctor appointment coming up, so I hope I get some answers then.

Through this all I have realized that I need to take care of myself more and do things to alleviate my stress. I have been so sleep-deprived since Pheonyx was born, plus dealing with the stresses in daily life that are apart of Serafina’s autism that I weakened my immune system. I also was not eating as best as I could have been, relying on take-out food more often than I would have liked to, and the yoga I was able to sneak in my day was short and unrelaxing since the kids were in the room with me.

All of this has come as a forceful reminder that I need to take care of me the way I know I should, with healthy, organic foods, natural medicine, rest, yoga, and getting outside in the sun. I don’t want to be spending my days at the hospital (we’ve been to the hospital all together more in the last 3 months than in the last 10 years!) I want to take my health into my own hands and not feel judged or weird for raising my kids organically and naturally.

Somehow, I still feel judged for that. I guess you’re always thought as an oddball when you don’t just do things conventionally. Right now, I am trying everything I can to heal my thryoid issue naturally as well. I am off that medication and will have my blood retested soon. I always felt instinctively that the issue was a postpartum thing that would resolve on its own, so I hope that I am right. At least I am going to take the steps I can to boosting my immunity and feeling more like me again!

I need to do this for my kids most of all because so many days have gone by where I was just sick. I don’t want to miss any more of their lives. It was depressing to have to be afraid that I would get Pheonyx sick and for a while I had to keep my distance. I just want to love and cuddle my baby and enjoy the moments we have before he grows up too fast. ❤

I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers! If you feel like you have any tips to share with me, or for those reading regarding natural health/boosting immunity/natural thyroid cures, please do so in the comments below!

I haven’t blogged any updates in a while, and that is why. I just didn’t want to sit down again and blog about sickness, but now that I believe we are out of the worst of those days, I am looking more for the lessons in it and sharing that. Light always comes from darkness.

I hope that my future posts radiate inspiration, health, peace, love, and light!


2 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. tiffany, if your thyroid medication is Casino anxiety and panic attacks, the dose needs to be adjusted. Chancen are the dose is too high. im guessing you re on either euthyrox or eltroxin though im not familiar with canadian brand names (or the canadian health care system for that matter). if you are indeed suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, (which could be but id have to at least see a blood Test in order to make an educated guess here) in most patients symptoms disappear after the 12-18months -however in about some women hypothyreoidism persists and depending the extent and severity of symptoms i would definitely recommend proper medication. however management and adjustment of levothyroxine medication can be tricky and i would recommend regular blood tests as well as an experienced physician who specialises in endocrinology or head &neck.

    i hope you and the little ones will feel better soon!

    x, E


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