Limited Time

Knowing that something is limited is what makes us all the more desirous of it. A sale for a limited time, an artist coming to town to perform, all these once in a lifetime, limited events get us inspired to go out and take action so that we don’t miss out.

Well, my dear friends, YOUR LIFETIME IS LIMITED. We all will face the end of our lifetime. This is a truth we all should be aware of, not to scare us, but to keep us awake to the fact that the days go by and we won’t get them back.

Being sick four times with infections in the past 3 months and having to take antibiotics each time, which has had more negative effects on my health, has made me want to live my life fuller. I want to share who I am and the messages I am inspired to give as often as I can. I want my life to have touched others and helped them to also find the truth of who they are and to number one, be happy and healthy and enjoy their days fully.

When we are happy and healthy is when we can best serve others. So badly I want this for my children. I want my health back so that I can be the fun mom I used to be a few months ago, not sick and depressed because I have no energy. I try not to let it show but the sicknesses have made me down because I’m missing out on fully enjoying my time with them. I try not to complain in my mind when I find out, yet again, that there is something else wrong with me.

It is shocking because I do everything “right” to be a healthy woman. Vitamins, supplements, organic food, getting outside, yoga. I always think there’s more I could do, like finding more peace and quiet, reading, or mediating, but still!! This busy momma does her best!

So, I believe this series of unfortunate events has come to awaken my soul.

Last night I saw that the lesson in all of this is to never take any of our time for granted. We never know when our time, or the time of another we love is to end, even if they just move on to someone or some place else. It’s a reality.

So even through my sickness and pain I am deciding to share my lessons. I am going to use it to inspire others to appreciate life and those they share it with. I am going to live each day fully and keep my mind on the good, beautiful, and true and share that, hoping it sets a flame in others’ hearts as well that will start a bigger fire in our world.

Mostly, I am not going to hide who I am anymore in fear of being judged because my time is limited, as it is for each of us. And how crazy is it really to NOT be yourself and live your life, given the reality of that truth?

I hope that this inspires someone today!

Much love to you on this Sunday. May it be the beginning of a new way of looking at and appreciating your beautiful life.


One thought on “Limited Time

  1. Well said!
    Have you read the shack? It’s so good and really makes you think about the gift of life and how we so often take it for granted.
    I’m a firm believer of God stripping you down of all the things you hold higher then Him, and only then can you experience freedom. There is nothing like it, totally intoxicating.
    Be blessed.
    Praying for good health ❤️🙏🏽

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