Blessings In Disguise

“So blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life
Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride
And when the world’s against me is when I really come alive
And every day that Satan tempts me, I try to take it in my stride”

I love these lyrics in Ed Sheeran’s song, Eraser.

I feel like when we transform and rise, others often feel threatened by us. They don’t want to change and they don’t like it when you change. Why? Because everyone is a mirror. We are mirrors to them. We are mirroring aspects of themselves back at them and when they see the reflection of that and they are not ready, they react in fear. They tell you that you are wrong because they aren’t ready to see what they could be. They would rather remain as they are. They are afraid.

This is why when you are on a path of ascension and self-discovery and transformation you will often lose many connections you once had. You don’t even have to stop talking to people or having them in your life, they will simply fall away from you. Sensing the vibration is not the same, they will judge you. They will mock you. They will try and hold you back. They may even hate you.

How do we deal with that? That’s a lot to take, especially if you are an empath. Judgement and hatred are foreign emotions to most empaths. It’s a language we don’t even speak. We speak truth and positivity. We feel energy. We know that we rise by lifting others and we know that feelings like judgement, negativity, fear, and hatred are low energies that we don’t want to have in our lives, let alone spew onto others.

We need to see the blessings in every adversity. It’s tough. Painful even. BUT it’s the truth. The adversity is there for a reason and that is because you are ready for these lessons and are ready to rise above them. Adversity will always be there. It might sometimes stay, for the most part, behind the scenes, but it will be there always.

You will never be able to please everyone and trying to be something to please someone else will never work because you would have to wear thousands of different masks for each different person you come across and need to please. You would die to self a million and one times trying. Is it really worth it?

I feel that no one who has ever been an inspiration and a light in this world ever tried to hide themselves to please others. They may have flirted with the idea a few times, but they eventually learned the lesson there, pushed passed that B.S. and decided they were just going to be themselves and live their truth even if they were judged, ridiculed and hated.

“And when the world’s against me is when I really come alive.”

We have the opportunity to use adversity as a tool to help us rise even higher. It is a blessing in disguise. So instead of getting down and defeated about someone else’s fears when they are judging you as not being who they want to know you to be so that they can feel comfortable, see it instead as an opportunity to shine even brighter, shake your fear and do your thing.

There is no one like you and there will never be another you. Why would you decide to waste your life pretending to be anything that you aren’t or holding yourself back just to try and stay “normal” or at the same vibration as those who think small and hold themselves back from truly living their dreams and being happy when you could just be you and keep on becoming more YOU every day?

All we can do is continue on the path of awakening to our true selves. Remembering who we are and who we came into this life to be before we were told what we should be.

On the flip side of the mirror analogy is the mirror that they are holding up against you. A mirror of fear. A fear that you have to overcome. In this case it would be overcoming your fear of what others think and say of you and a fear of change.

These adversities are here to help us. They really are a blessing in disguise when you can open your eyes to the lessons they are presenting.

Much Love!