Each an Individual

What more can be said?
So many poems and writings
eloquently explaining
the spirit and soul of life,
the great enigma of
being human.

How many words
are there to describe
the beauty that is this
magnificent human experience?

It would seem that everything
has already been said,
in some form or another.

Yet each human soul
is an individual.
Each word spoken
is creative and new.

Created from experience,
strengthened by contemplation,
birthed by revelation.

No matter
how many words are uttered,
how many words written,
each will be unique and individual.

Each one
will etch upon
the canvas of life
a creative expression of being.

All are part of the One.
But all are not one.
All are individual
aspects of the One.

So speak,
and say,
and write,
and live.

For your Spark
adds something
to the great fire of existence.