Pheonyx 11 & 12 Months

11 Months

~ Started walking at 11 months and is now practically running around.

~ Loves to point.

~ Climbs his little chairs and table.

~ Loves to go outside and walk in the grass.

~ Loves to eat ANYTHING and ALL THE TIME!

~ Not putting everything in his mouth anymore (unless it’s food).

~ Loves bonfires outside, watching the fire and helping daddy find wood.

~ Does downward dog. 🙂

12 Months 

~  Loves Apples.

~ Loves to play his new drum set.

~ Can say, many words: Tree, Dada, Momma, Keta (Kesa), Auty (Au-ee) Bubba (Bottle), Ball (Ba), Kitty, (Keey), Booby (Booey), Bu (Book).

~ Still sleeping with mommy at night but sometimes sleeping without waking up at all. Rolls around a lot in his sleep and sometimes ends up in the weirdest places and positions, rolling off the mattress.


~ Still no teeth!

~ A little bit of reddish-blonde hair.

~ Loves to look at little picture books and big people books too.

~ Naps a few times a day, usually 30 min – 1 hr (sometimes 2 or 3) at a time. No real nap schedule.

~Wearing 18 months size clothes.

~ Always looking for adventure and explores a lot. Loves to look in cupboards or in the fridge.

~ Can scribble pictures with markers/pens/pencils.

~ Adores his sisters (especially Kesara).

Pheonyx is a healthy and happy, sweet brother and son. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. ❤



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