Peace In The Kitchen

This afternoon there was peace in the kitchen.


While busy with three recipes on the go, Pheonyx was actually quiet in his highchair, while Kesa played DJ on her keyboard, entertaining Autumn and I while we baked cheesecakes, chopped vegetables for chilli and spooned carrot muffin batter into muffin liners.


The sun was shining down on the golden yellow trees outside and the moment could not have been more perfect. Serafina was a happy girl, taste-testing the muffin batter.

It was one of those moments I just had to savor. ACTUAL QUIET in the house (besides the background music). Usually there is a child either complaining or crying and so this momma was very at peace and grateful for that.

I hope we find many more of these moments because life with so many people in it is NOT always peaceful. It is usually about finding peace within the chaos and noise of every day living. But there are those occasional moments of total peace. It’s hard for me to realize in those moments that it’s OK to turn off my anxiety and relax and be in the moment. Usually because a chaotic, stressful moment is soon to follow. I’m learning to train my brain to be at peace amongst the chaos, but also to really soak up the real good times!


Tomorrow Autumn turns 13! Cheesecake is her favorite and the vegan kind won’t do for her so that is what we baked away this afternoon. While on that I decided to make some chilli for our dinner and muffins are overdue for the boys, so that came into existence too.

It’s an awkward mix of smells coming from the kitchen, but it is the smell of productivity and the feeling of love that I share with and for my family. Taking that time together to create our food really is special to me.

What are you grateful for this October day?



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