A Boy And His Apple


A little boy, sweet, innocent and pure–and his apple.

No teeth, but just soaking up the sweetness of it. Just that little taste of apple makes him so happy. He even digs his fingers into it to try and get more of that sweet taste.

Sitting and watching him with his apple and just playing around outside reminds me of how often us adults take life for granted. The big things and the little things. We so often let them pass us by, busying our minds with anxiety over the future and all we have to do or depression, guilt and regret for the past–or both. We are missing so very many moments. 

Pheonyx is fascinated with everything he sees. He pays attention to every blade of grass and investigates every leaf. He is right in his reality. He isn’t anywhere, but here. He experiences his feelings as they come without judgement or reservation.

As adults we grow up and are taught to ignore our feelings. We stuff them in. We ignore our reality as it presents itself. Sometimes in fear, or as an escape from the pain we are afraid that we will feel in it. We create so much pain for ourselves living this way and miss the joy in being who we are and where we are and really seeing all of the wonderful blessings that are all around us.

In the reality of the present, life is. The pain is in the past or the future and not the now. The pain is in our judgements of how we think that things should be, versus what they truly are. Now is what we make it to be. Nothing is really positive or negative except for when we judge it as so. We can make pain for ourselves in any moment that we ignore our reality and allow thoughts of ungratefulness to steal our peace.

If we can be in our moments, at least try and be more often, we will have many moments of being and enjoying and experiencing life.

We will be like the boy with his apple.


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