Living In The Light

So maybe you have had a less than perfect life. There are scars, visible or invisible to others that you carry. You are not yet completely free of your lower nature and negativity, but you have inspiration to share and you’ve touched the light of intuition. There is a spiritual current that is very real to you, flowing through you with messages, talents, or energy to share with others.

You’ve felt it. You know it to be real, but that lower part of you still chooses to ignore it. The message it gives you is that of inadequacy, “Who are you to shine your light, share inspiring things, or help others? You are so imperfect still, how could anyone find what you have to share of value or inspirational? Who are you to achieve your goals or follow that higher calling to live the life that you can picture fitting you and actually feeling so comfortable? Who are you to come home to the Divine spark within you and be a light?”

Perhaps you’ve even faced those accusations and stepped out into the light, tried on that higher life, but failed and retreated. Maybe you’ve done it hundreds of times but when things got too hard you resorted to old ways. Maybe you even got so far and loved that new life and new you so much, it frightened you and you didn’t know who you were. You were scared to leave the familiar lower nature behind. Or maybe you’ve come close to finally being who you are and living your Divine Purpose and sharing your gifts, but the judgement from others was too much for you. Maybe all of these situations have happened to you, as they have for me.

But here’s the reality: life is short. It is so short. It is a blink. Do you really want to spend that blink worrying what might happen or living a life that doesn’t fit and withholding your gifts and purpose from yourself and others because of fear and insecurity?

To me, it seems a waste. To constantly be living in a life that is the wrong fit for your grand spirit is just a total shame. How many lives could you have changed for the better if only you pressed past your fears? Looking back on life from the other side, I’m sure that won’t feel so great.

So you’ve failed? So you’ve faced fears? So others have judged you? So you have judged yourself? Why not try again?

Living in the light doesn’t mean we will never experience darkness. Living from our higher selves does not mean that we do not at times go back to lower ways of thinking and being. We’re not perfect yet, but as we continually try and intend to live higher and be better we get better at it. As we exercise our higher intentions and intuitions and inspirations, we get stronger. We give strength to that part of us and the lower part, though it will remain with us, grows weaker in power and control over us. The voice of self-doubt, fear, accusation, and insecurity becomes quieter.

We live in the light more than in the dark and slowly every area of our lives begins to transform. As this transformation takes place within us and we become stronger in our spirit, this strength and confidence emanates outwards toward the people in our lives.

I’ve seen it so many times how things that I’ve gone through have shaped me as I rose above them and then I was able to help others. I’ve fallen into situations and experiences that I disliked very much or didnt understand, only to later see the higher purpose for them. Often times inspiration flows through me through my writing and it’s just the message that someone needed to hear.

When we follow our intuition and inspiration and decide to live a life that fits and feels good we may even be affecting others positively and not ever even know it. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, or if we understand it, just living from our higher self with the faith that good is coming of it is enough. When we are living in line with that inner truth, we’ll know. We’ll be able to feel it.

Whatever you get from this post, I just want you to know that wherever you are in life, even if you feel you are not living the life you’d like to be, you are affecting others. We are all an inspiration to each other and we don’t have to be perfect to be. The intention behind this writing is to inspire you to look at the areas of yourself that you have been ready to let go of for a while now, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fear and lack of self-confidence, and to focus instead on the higher aspects that you can feel also live within your soul, even if they have not really ever been touched with consciousness or appear to be sleeping within you.

Decide to focus on what you want to be and how you want to live and affect others lives instead of choosing to focus on the dark, the negative, the critical voice of yourself or others, how many times you’ve failed, or how scary it was (and is) to let go of familiar patterns of thinking and being, even if they are not serving your higher self and purpose.

Much love and light!


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