Eyes Open

Does your heart ever just swell with immense gratitude?

Coming from someone who has issues with anxiety and panic attacks I know how the mind can think on things that are less than positive and we often close out spiritual eyes to the wonders of the world. It’s ingrained in us to not have those eyes open but to think we are only material beings in a material world, a world of only matter with not much purpose but to live once, consume and die.

When we begin to realize that we are more and that our world is more, we rise above and begin to see the world through spiritual eyes.

In the process of awakening it can be difficult to keep those spiritual eyes open because we are in a sense, in between worlds and so sometimes we will identify with our body as us or get confused about what is real and really worthy of our lives. What are we? Why are we here? Questions will arise.

But stilling the mind we see clearly how beautiful life is and that behind what we have been conditioned to believe is real and worthy of our thought attention is a more brilliant world.

Everything is amazing. Everything has meaning and purpose. Nothing happens by accident. Everything on our path is meant to teach us and help us grow. We are in others lives to teach them and help them grow. Everything is connected. Every action, thought, and word has so much importance and reverberates beyond this one lifetime.

Today I was feeling so much gratitude reflecting on the people in my life. Learning from difficult situations and feelings of anger, ungratefulness and anxiety. Seeing through it to the gift it brings me and the ability I have in my spirit self to rise above what weighs me down and keeps my mind materialistically bound and hardened.

We’ve had a cold too and I hate sickness. I wish we never had to all get sick at the same time. It really sucks. But it’s teaching me to not be afraid. To be grateful we have doctors if we ever need them. To slow down and be present with nurturing my kids. To appreciate health all that much more when we have it and to witness the amazing ability the body has to fight off illnesses too.

When Craig is gone and I have to do things myself (like this morning), I see how much we truly work together as a team to keep this family running smoothly. We have a routine and a system and it works. Going without it was a little stressful for me but I handled it and it brought me to the enlightened realization of gratitude for how smoothly our every day life goes when we place ourselves daily in service to this family. It’s a beautiful thing.

To have good food and a mind open to inspiration for recipes. The smell of the new Cranberry Pecan Spice cookies baking last night. My boy learning and growing and climbing and speaking. My girls helping out around the house and the sound of piano music filling our home by Autumn. A chilly walk listening to audio books or music. Morning messages from friends or blog readers.

I’m alive. We’re together. We’re connected. I’m breathing and learning and growing. Changing day by day.

Gratitude. It’s a beautiful feeling.