Living In Gratitude

It happens. We sometimes tend to close our mind and spirit to gratitude. Whatever the reason it happens, it happens. We take for granted the blessings in life. Being able to breathe, see, taste, touch and walk are all things that most of us are blessed to be able to experience every day.

Having loved ones close to us or friends that we can talk to or call upon when we need them. Having a bed to sleep in, a heated home, running water, and food in our bellies, are all things that most are blessed with daily.

I feel like times of sickness are a real eye opener to me to see how blessed we are when we are in good health. I tend to feel very averse to sickness and it can get me upset, but then I think of how much worse things could be and all that we still do have to be grateful for. I am still grateful that we have natural remedies and lots of love to help us get better sooner and doctors if we should need them.

This Christmas season really had me thinking about all we really have to be grateful for. Life is a blessing. There is so much to enjoy and experience with a loving, open heart every day. The miracle of being alive and conscious.

The busyness of the holiday season can have many of us frazzled or focused upon material things rather than the spiritual or the simple blessings around us. I challenge you to slow down, take a breath and see with your spirit again. Get back to the simplicity that the season should bring.

Enjoy the last days of 2017, friends! And may you walk into 2018 with eyes and heart open to gratitude for all that is, all that was, and all that is yet to come.

Make a vow to yourself to practice keeping your eyes open to all you have to be grateful for each day and watch ungratefulness and unconsciousness slip further away from your being as you consciously choose to open and expand your awareness and ability to live in gratitude daily.

Much Love,