Understanding Our Purpose

I find myself very receptive to messages from spirit. One way I really hear messages and understand them is through songs.

Today I was listening to a mix of music when this song came on, which I found very fitting for my life right now. The song is War Of My Life by John Mayer. What a powerful message!

In life we will be faced with many wars and doors. We will come to a point where we have to make a decision, choose a path, move forward and let a part of ourselves and our past go. It’s tough because we become attached. We develop an identity with who we were and a familiarity with the way life was. Change is never easy.

I feel like this song speaks of a big change, a big war. And yes, there are those, but there are also many mini wars to face daily on a smaller scale. We are here to evolve in spirit and become stronger. Our mission will always be to become more loving, learning what love is and how we can give it away. We get filled only to be emptied again. We are here to lose ourselves in service to others and only when we do this is when we are happy and living in line with our purpose.

No matter how many times we try to live for ourselves and our selfish gain, we still seem to forget how it never truly makes us happy. We must keep our eyes open to see and to learn that it is only when we give of ourselves to others that we feel truly filled. Yes, it is important to fill ourselves up and take care of ourselves, but our aim should be to fill ourselves so we have something of ourselves to give.

It’s a very delicate balance and we haven’t quite got it yet but I have faith that we are all learning and growing in our understanding of what being human means and what our mission is through all circumstances and all of the people placed on our path. Everything is constantly teaching this lesson. We all have a common goal and destination despite our seemingly very different lives.

Love. It sounds so simple and so easy. Just be love.

It isn’t always easy. It is a practice and I believe that we will constantly be humbled when we think we have almost got it all figured out. There will be many times of what seems to be starting over, but if we look back we will see that even though we are not where we want to be and have not reached our goal, we are, every day, slowly but surely coming closer to understanding what it is we are here for.

No longer walking around the earth void of purpose and hungry for love, we will realize that we already have all the love that we need inside of us and to recognize that, we have to go inside, find it, and give it away.

We will find the light inside when we allow all that is dark to also be revealed so that we can face ourselves for what we truly are. If there was no darkness we could never know the light. We aren’t perfect beings, but in our imperfections we can come to see how the darkness and imperfections help us to die to parts of ourselves that aren’t serving our own, or humanity’s highest good.

Whatever you are facing in life right now, whatever war you may find yourself in, big or small, know that you have the strength within you to make it through and to come out on the other side, brighter and more radiant in love, coming to a closer understanding of who you are and why you are here.

Call it all out, dark and light and don’t be afraid to humble yourself, learn a little and walk through the door of this challenge, overcoming the war and becoming a being more radiant in love and confident in your purpose.

Much Love,


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