A Letter To Life

Dear Life,

I was sorta wondering what is the deal with time? Why does it fly by so fast? How is it that I have a teenager and all of my babies are growing up so fast? And while we’re on it, how is it that I am turning 29 soon?

Why does every day seem to slip through my fingers and leave me wishing I had savoured more of your gifts? I know I have gotten better at accepting your nature and that things go in cycles and that nothing is meant to ever stay the same. I appreciate the variety, but sometimes things seem WAY too hard to keep up with. Sometimes I wonder if some things are not just a cruel joke.

I know I can’t be Supermom or Superwoman for that matter. I know that some things have to be out of reach, or left undone. I know that sometimes the answer is no and some doors have to close and some people have to part. I understand so much more now that I’m heading into my 30’s soon, but still I am just in awe at so much. I have trouble accepting some things. Not that they are unfair, I do see their purpose… I am grateful for the lessons. And why does it seem to get harder as I get older? Is that some other cruel joke just to test me?

The only thing I ask is that you continue to teach me. Please help me to never take you for granted. Not for an instant. Not in any phase, even the difficult ones. Help me to be especially present of you and awake to the lessons your presence provides in those times.

It is darn right Holy, this breath in me that I am totally unconscious of much of the time, so, thanks also for sustaining me!

Help me to keep my children close always and be present for them in a world that is full of constant egoistic temptations and distractions.

I thank you for my breath, for my path, for my being. I thank you for this opportunity to be here and now on earth, surrounded by those on my path, even the difficult ones are brilliantly beautiful (in their own way).

I know that you are a gift and I just wanted to say that although I have trouble sometimes accepting you and appreciating you for what you are, I am grateful. It’s just that in my humanness it’s sometimes hard to stay awake and aware, you know? But I am not complaining, as I know it is what I signed up for.

Just promise me you won’t fly by too fast, okay? I know I complain way too much at times, but I am so looking forward to some more of this wild ride! Much, much more, if I am blessed to see it.


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