Being Human

The world can seem like a tough place sometimes. We see the rapid changes and advances in technology and we can at times fear for our children and ourselves.

Our earth also is often seen as overtaxed by all of us constantly taking from her without a second thought. We consume so much and destroy both plant and animals at a rapid pace. It really would be beneficial if more people at least slowed down enough to breathe and say, “thank you” to our earth mother. To ask ourselves what it is we truly need and if we are taking more than we need.

Of course I could dedicate a whole long blog to many things that seem less than ideal, but amidst all of the seemingly “bad” that is going on in the world and all of the unjust and unconscious ways we see our fellow humans behaving at times, we have to ask ourselves if we are not guilty ourselves, are not also trespassers. It can be so easy to judge others and see them as less than ideal, but if we took a minute to look at ourselves and our thoughts and actions, we would see that we are really not that different. We are also far from being perfect or ideal.

Life can be scary. The new and unknown can be frightening but even more scary than all that is going on outwardly, inwardly we perceive that the division of man and the disease of egotism is the thing that we should most strive to be conscious of and fear, if we must fear or fixate on anything at all.

The time has come and is overdue for people to begin to awaken to their egotism and to begin to see, really see each other as brothers and sisters. To not live for our own selfish gain, but to give whatever we come to possess away, if not outwardly in the physical sense, than in the spiritual, in the way of not getting attached to anything we come to possess. Whether that be something in the physical realm or an attainment we make in the spiritual world.

It is the best course of action to not speak too often of what we have attained and the progress we have made. We should not become boastful. And as that is true in the spiritual world, it is also true of our physical reality as well. We can enjoy physical reality and physical things but the practice is to not get attached to anything because ultimately, everything is always changing and nothing stays the same. All things, all states are impermanent. It is a practice to remain constantly aware of impermanence, allowing new people and situations to arise, to learn from them, and to let them go.

No matter how much knowledge we attain to, there is always more to learn and we can learn the most in the most unlikely places from the most unlikely people. In humbling ourselves and not placing ourselves above others we learn the most. Listening to things we may be quick to deem insignificant, we can hear so much if we stifle our automatic sense of superiority.

I’d like to believe that we will be ok. That we will learn what it is we need to do while here on earth. To not get distracted or deceived by egotism.

It’s a hard fight, and one that only we can understand individually. But in recognizing our hummaness and working to tame our individual ego we come to understand others better. Humbling ourselves and going inside confers an opposite outcome than would be expected. We would think that if we go inside and take time to focus on ourselves, on our needs and our wants and our general state of being, checking in with ourselves from time to time, and the state or degree of our ego, then we would be an egotist.

In reality, going inside of ourselves, and getting to know ourselves as individual human beings makes us all the more universally connected to our fellow man. And knowing ourselves, we get to know what we truly are and begin to see that truth of inner being in every person that we meet in our lives.

We are not all light and peace, we are muddy and judgemental. We are confusion and instability. We are love and hate. And none of us are really all that different from another in our hummaness.

No matter how desperate times seem and how dark things around us become, we have an inner promise of light and illumination always within us that is up to us to choose, to seek out and to become intimate with once again. Its not always easy or fun to visit, especially when faced with our darker aspects, but in doing so, we gain understanding, sustenance and replenishment in order to better conduct our outer lives and physical reality. Without this inner peace, this higher self as an ever-present, existing well of comfort and solace, we would not find the strength to do our outer tasks as human beings.

Today, if you’re reading this, take some time to reconnect with this inner stream of wellness and possibility. Bathe in cleansing waters, wash your soul free of any debris, any darkness, depression anxiety, fear, or control that you’ve been holding onto and return once again to your true center.

What an amazing gift it is to be conscious of the light and dark within us in their human totality and to be able to choose again what to become at any moment. We steer our own ship.

This, to me, is what true freedom really is. And for it I am eternally grateful.

Much love! ❤

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