Dare To Dream

Don’t be afraid to dream.

Sometimes I think we feel our dreams are silly or impractical, or maybe just too “out there.”

Maybe our ideal or dream self or life that we envision is so different from who we are that it scares us and makes us feel afraid of letting go of the self that we are and all that we’ve known for that newness, even though it excites us as well as scares us.

But what about just tapping into that dream self or life? Not even taking a step in the direction of manifesting it per se but just allowing yourself to see what could be and what in your heart and soul you know that you really want? Why should we deny ourselves imagination and intuition?

Kids know how to tap into that. They know how to dream and imagine and are wonderful at it until we condition them not to. The world hardens them and many give up their dreams. They turn off their tapped-in intuition. It happens all too often and it is most tragic.

I’m one of those people who never wanted to turn off my imagination, who always believed in the best and strived to make it happen. Over the years, getting older and more stressed out, I’ve realized that I’ve tuned out a lot of my imaginations and inspirations. I stopped flowing with them because I didn’t take time to go inside and even touch them with my consciousness.

And you know what? My health has suffered for years now. Not anything major but minor things that I know are speaking to me, telling me to light up again, to tune in to my intuition and tap into that flow of inspiration available to us all at any time, just waiting for us to wake up to it. To recognize my inner child with her dreams and goals and not think her immature or silly and stifle her away.

What I love to do is get creative. I love making recipes, or playing with paint. I love reading to my kids and teaching them. I love writing. I love walking and yoga and doing oracle or tarot cards. I love dancing around and singing to music with the kids and seeing and hearing them smile and laugh.

Sometimes I do great with keeping on track with my needs and creative outlets and sometimes I feel them falling away from me and I know I’m not living in line with what I need to do in order to feel balanced, centered and whole.

It’s a practice. And knowing ourselves, getting intuitive and intimate with ourselves is a learning process. It’s self-love. It’s mating with your own soul and taking care of it as you would take care of anyone else that you love and desire to be happy.

It’s a practice to not lose touch with our inner self and our needs as we grow up and take on more responsibilities. As our consciousness shifts and we lose our childlike sense of awe and wonder for the world we live in and every human being that we meet. Stress wears on us and we develop depression or anxiety. We tap out.

No matter how hard it seems at times, I challenge you to find time to dream. Take even just that first step toward going inside and asking yourself what you need and what you want.

Treat yourself as a precious soul who is just as worthy of happiness as anyone else and know that your happiness is important for everyone else who is on your path as well. You are here to be a whole being and balanced in body, soul and spirit.

Dare to dream. Tap into your intuition.  Don’t be afraid of your inner fire.


Much love,