You can feel it in the air now, the season is changing.

We’ve picked apples off of the trees, grapes off of vines, pulled and plucked vegetables from our garden, the beach days are pretty well over now, and the mornings and evenings are quite chilly for walking since the sun is rising later and setting earlier. Fall is coming soon.


Morning walk with Autumn and my bump.

I do love the change of seasons, it just takes some adjustment to our routine. I feel sleepier when the sun is not out as early and somehow my whole body just wants to slow down. I find myself drawn to plan more schooling and be alone in the quiet morning hours, no rush to waking up the kids. I also find myself more drawn to comfort foods like home baked cookies, apple crisp, soup, bread, and all of those warming, filling meals.

I know our routine will be different this year too, with a new baby and Autumn going to school for Band, Gym, French, Sewing, Cooking, Art, and Dance. She will be gone for part of the day, each day of the week, except Fridays. Still, we will continue our homeschool routine here as well with those adjustments.

Right now we are working on studying Ancient Rome. We are about halfway through it now. History is something I love to teach because I find it so fascinating. I think my kids catch that off me too, because they seem to be really into it as well. We are also watching a documentary on Ancient Rome too.

Autumn’s been rocking on the drum set with daddy, learning simple drum beats. She’s quite a fast learner and has picked up a lot already.


As a family we are continuing to try and spend time outside, though I think swimming is done. It is still possible to go, but it is colder and I don’t want to get sick before I have to go into labor, so I’m sticking to walking and yoga and some prenatal workouts. We’ve been taking the kids to the park, or going out for family walks all together, enjoying the little bit of warmth we have left.


I made a delicious apple crisp with the apples my parents had on their trees. The apples are great on their own, but also REALLY delicious in this recipe!


And what else is going on around here? Mostly just a whole lot of waiting for baby. I’m trying not to think at all about it, but spend the last few days (hopefully not weeks) relaxing and hoping that will help him to decide to come on out and meet us.

As of yesterday, according to my cervix, no sign of baby yet. It took us a year to conceive, so I’m thinking this boy is one to keep us waiting and teach us patience and that all good things come in their right time.

How does the change of season affect you? Do you find your rhythm and routine changes?

Much Love!