Reclaiming Pleasure in Your Life

Today’s post is a continuation of the mini-series of posts by some of my lovely and inspirational friends who have talents and tips to share to help others live their best lives, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Today, I welcome Kim Corrigan from Life At Nature’s Pace to share on reclaiming pleasure in your life.

What does the word pleasure bring up for you? How does the word roll off your tongue? What feelings does it bring up? What sensations do you feel in your body at the sound of the word?


noun: a feeling of happy satisfaction and joy

verb: give sexual enjoyment or satisfaction to

I think, for many, pleasure leads our mind to the sexual side of things, and may bring up feelings of shame and embarrassment, and negative thoughts. I want to change how you view pleasure, and not because I think sexual pleasure is not something that is important, far from it. Actually, I believe our sexual pleasure is very important and should be a priority, but I think we lack the ability to tap into our full pleasure capacity because we are disconnected from pleasure in our every day life, as well as in the bedroom. Pleasure is available to us in every moment of our life when we create intention and open to the life around us. So, let’s explore pleasure a little bit and learn how to reconnect to it so we can truly live life in pleasure.

Why is pleasure important?

Quite simply, when we live life from a place of pleasure, we can fully tune into what we want, and I am not just talking about the bedroom. When we fully embrace pleasure, it moves beyond the sexual into a joy-filled, happy and powerful way of living. When our desires take center stage, we begin to put ourselves first. We open to our own potential, our own power. We embody our wholeness, the full expression of who we are.

Pleasure is a source of energy and life for us. It is a connection to a part of our true self. When we are disconnected from pleasure we are disconnected from our energy and our life. This disconnection leads to exhaustion, lack of joy, and going through the motions of life.

What has led to this disconnection?

One of the core reasons we become disconnected from pleasure is due to shame and negativity around our sexuality. Pleasure becomes a “bad” word, something we have to hide, something we don’t feel worthy of or something we continually seek but never find.

Societal programming and conditioning around pleasure, our education, our experiences, and how we were brought up create our view on pleasure. If we view pleasure as something that is shameful, embarrassing, negative or something we are not worthy of, it can leave us unable to connect to the things that light us up and nourish us.

So how do we reconnect to pleasure?

First, you give yourself permission to say yes to pleasure. Seek it out, allow it in, intentionally look for it. Make a list of things that light you up, that make your heart happy, that create a spark inside your soul.

Second, pick one pleasurable thing from your list, and do it. Every single day. Anything that brings you pleasure. Do it with the intention of receiving pleasure. Be aware. Soak up how it feels, in your mind, your heart and most importantly, in your body.

Third, as you do that one pleasurable thing every day say YES, YES, YES as you do it. Affirm to yourself that this is okay, that noticing and receiving pleasure is your birthright and that pleasure is available to you whenever you are open to receiving it. Affirming pleasure opens your mind, heart and body to receiving and accepting it. It also sends a message to your body that it is okay to receive pleasure. This process rewires your body and mind to allow pleasure in.

And that’s it! Three simple steps to begin your journey of reconnecting to pleasure.

Pleasure Activities

A little list of every day activities that you can turn into pleasure activities:

  • sipping tea
  • washing your hands
  • reading
  • stroking your hair
  • stroking your body
  • eating a meal
  • preparing a meal
  • picking flowers
  • buying yourself flowers
  • dancing
  • time in nature
  • time with friends
  • time alone self pleasure

Anything can become a pleasure activity with intention and awareness.

What about re-connecting to sexual pleasure?

I have been on personal journey for a few years now of reconnecting to pleasure in my life. It is a continuous journey that continues to expand my capacity to both notice pleasure and to receive it. When I first began reconnecting to my sexual pleasure, I started with a simple breathing exercise, one that I will share with you today.

I am going to invite you to get comfortable, seated or lying down. Make a triangle with your hands by placing your forefingers and your thumbs together. Place your hands palms down with your thumbs on your navel and allow your fingers to point down. This is your womb space, your place of creation, your place of magic, your place of great power. Take a deep breath in and allow your breath to gently float to your womb space. Let it sit there for a moment and when you are ready exhale. And again, take a deep breath in and feel the breath moving down to your womb space, and when you are ready exhale with a sound. It can be the sound of your breath releasing, a sigh or a deep groan or roar, releasing pent up energy. Continue breathing in this pattern for a few more breathes, connecting to this space, your space of creation. Feel each breath move deeper into your womb space. Notice any feelings or sensations that arise. Breath into those feelings and sensations and know that whatever comes up, it is all okay and welcome. If at any time things feel too hard, just relax into your body and focus on your breath for a few breaths.

Do as many deep breaths as you wish, filling up this space with love and light, allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. When you are ready take a final breath and slowly bring yourself back to the moment. Place your hands over your heart and breath deeply, sending love and gratitude to your entire body. Slowly open your eyes, wiggle your fingers, toes and body and return to your space.

I invite you, after this practice, to journal what came up for you. How it made you feel? What sensations arose within you? What did it feel like to connect to your womb space?

This is a simple meditation that focuses on sending love and light to your space of creation. For most this is something we never do. We never acknowledge the absolute strength and power of this space within us, yet this is the center of our being, the place from which we are given life, the space where we may choose to give life and the space in which most of our sexual energy and potential pleasure lies. When we connect to this space we begin healing and opening up to the magic we hold inside. You see this magic, the potential to notice pleasure, it’s been in you all along, it’s just been shut down, hidden, afraid to come out and play.

I give you permission to welcome pleasure. I give you permission to affirm pleasure. I invite you to do one pleasurable thing every day with intention. I invite you to connect through breath with your womb space every day. I invite you to let pleasure lead you on a journey of joy and passion that allows you to open to your full capacity to receive.

I am a pleasure seeker, and I wholeheartedly give you permission to be the same. Let’s seek out pleasure. Let’s open our life to pleasure. Let’s find pleasure in the simple moments, the little things, and expand our pleasure potential.

Kim Corrigan is a mentor, coach, advocate, and entrepreneur. She is a dreamer, a pleasure seeker, a creatrix and a mother. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been working with children and adults for over 25 years in different capacities: as a dance teacher, a coach and personal trainer for elite athletes, and a certified holistic and sports nutritionist. She expertly invites and supports people to find the best within themselves.

Ever a soul-seeker, Kim’s personal journey has brought her to a place of valuing authentic connection above all else. Since 2015, Life at Nature’s Pace, her mentoring organization, has represented a culmination of Kim’s extensive experience being a guide and mentor. As a Waldorf inspired home educator to her son, Kim has been sharing her nature-loving, learning journey with other children at a weekday program on her homestead as well as summer camps. She is also a trained coming of age mentor for young people, who focuses empowerment, healthy boundaries, self-knowledge and self-love.

In her work with adults, Kim finds joy in gathering to teach workshops that encourage healthy living, self-reliance and creativity — she loves all things handmade. As a Women’s Circle mentor, she encourages healing and growth through the deep work of self-exploration and reflection in a safe and sacred space. As a workshop leader for parents, she brings expertise to topics such as Raising Sexually Empowered Children, helping parents learn to talk to their children about sexuality in a shame-free, open way that leads to empowerment, for both parents and their children.

Kim’s passions for physical and emotional health, personal growth, mindful living and nature connection intentionally touch everything she offers at Life at Nature’s Pace.