I was out for a walk in the sunshine yesterday afternoon just thinking how much I was enjoying that moment. We haven’t had much sun the past few weeks and it has just been so glorious to see and feel when it is out, especially during winter time!

It got me thinking about enjoyment and how we all need moments that we totally enjoy. Sometimes experiences of enjoyment can be right in front of us, yet we are unconscious to how we could be enjoying the moment.

Perhaps we are eating something totally delicious, but only stuffing our faces or eating while doing something else, or eating on the run and not really tasting. We could have music on that we aren’t listening to deeply and appreciating. We could be in a totally relaxed environment and could be soaking up every second of peace and silence, but our head is full of worry or regret. We could be in a perfect state of health and not be appreciating the gift of it. Or we can be in some of the best years of our life in terms of work, or other projects, or if you’re like me, being blessed with the ability to stay home with your little ones.

Enjoyment is all around us and there for the experience of it. If we take time to slow down and appreciate and ENJOY some of the things in life that really are quite a miracle, it really is quite an amazing feeling, really awakening to how blessed we all truly are, whether in grandiose or minute ways.

Sometimes I think we sabotage our moments of enjoyment for ourselves and it really is quite a shame.

ENJOY your day, wherever you are today!

Much Love,