My Missed Miscarriage Story – The Final Stages

This is the last in the postings on my Missed Miscarriage Story. Find part one here, My Missed Miscarriage Story – The Beginning Of The End and part two here, My Missed Miscarriage Story – Oscillating Emotions

March 23rd, 2020 (Facebook Post) 11 weeks 2 days pregnant

It has been a really crazy last 10 days. I wanted to update everyone on here about what was going on with me and baby instead of texting everyone individually.

Warning: this post is a bit graphic/triggering.

I finally passed the baby at about 9:15 this am at home. Was unwell yesterday with a migraine all day, laying in bed, then began cramping and bleeding regularly from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm last night. This made me excited because finally something was happening after 9 days of not knowing when anything would. I felt very peaceful, breathing and meditating on how each contraction was opening me up and that helped with pain management. We had nice, relaxing music on too.

I then began passing clots and tissue and blood, laying on the floor, drenching towels with Craig by my side from 7:30 pm- 10:30 pm with a short break from it all from 10:30-11:30. 4 hours later… No sign of baby/sac and getting tired and scared. Craig called the ER and they just said to watch me and bring me in if I was dizzy, had fever, sweats or was clammy but that a lot of blood loss was to be expected.

Cramping, clots and blood resumed at 11:30 pm and at 2-3 am the pain was so intense I thought I may have to go in for emergency surgery or something, I was so exhausted too so I just kept changing positions to try and ease the pain and prayed that it would be over soon or at least I could feel at peace, no matter what happened. It felt like something was detaching from inside my uterus so I knew the pain had purpose but it still was intense pain! I would’ve loved a heavy pain killer then.

At 3 am I must have passed out/fallen asleep and woke up around 3:25. Craig had also fallen asleep so the peace came in the room. I crawled into bed and just tried to keep sleeping/resting as much as I could.

Woke up 7 and 8. Felt like my heart was racing at that point. I couldn’t walk more than 5-7 feet without needing to go on my hands and knees and was very out of breath. I made it to the bathroom and that’s when baby came out.

I woke up Craig and we went to the hospital. I had low blood pressure but my heart rate was 130. Normal is 80-90. Scary! I thought I maybe would die or need blood transfusion. I got an IV and started feeling better after a bit. I was checked (painful!) and it looks like everything was expelled and that’s what I wanted, but what an ordeal!

That was a full on labor and even Craig thinks my worst one.  I am home, had a bath and ate but now no more food or drink until tomorrow morning just in case anything else starts coming out and I need emergency d&c yet. I’ll be here resting today. Exhausting!

We have named our baby Rowen Emery Pidruchny. The name is unisex. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl but feel like it was a boy. 

Thankful to those who have been thinking of me and praying and am also grateful for the hospital nurse and doctor who were very concerned and got me taken care of promptly. Especially grateful to Craig for being there for me through it all (nothing of last night was pleasant) and taking time off work because we just didn’t know when it would happen. He is also home today but probably back to work tomorrow. Thank you to my Mom for listening to me through everything over the phone and being a great comfort and support. And my friends, you know who you are, for the chats. Love you all! And I am grateful to have survived this.

I know that I will still be grieving after I recover physically. At this point I haven’t thought too much about losing my baby because I was focused on being with my body these past 10 days. If I were to have gotten too emotional I would not have handled that labor and pain very well at all.