Messages From Serafina


Just because I cannot talk, doesn’t mean I cannot think. Doesn’t mean I cannot feel.

Love me.

Hug me.

Play with me.

Tickle me.

Believe in me.


I am human.

I feel.

I know.

I am only more sensitive than you.


Perhaps I need more love.

More hugs.

More play.

More encouragement.

Teach me to be more human like you.

Understand how I feel.

Understand that I know.

Understand that I am sensitive.


Hear what I am saying without words.

See what I am seeing beyond physical vision.

Feel what I feel beyond the five senses.

Then you will understand me.

Then you will understand love.

Then you will understand life.




~ * ~ * ~ * ~





Early in the morning I open your bedroom door to see your smiling face. You cover yourself with your blanket and giggle beneath your covers as I greet you with a cheery, “Good morning!” You love attention and when I come and play with you in your room. You giggle as I tickle you and make funny voices. These are the moments I cherish with you, my angel.


Your smile is the sunshine of my life.