Sometimes It Feels Like A Heart Is No Place To Be Singin’ From At All

Today I thought I would share the lyrics to one of the songs that I love, called “All At Once” by Jack Johnson. This song really relates to how I feel a lot of the time. I worry about what I am doing or how I am living because I see that there are definite problems in our world, but I really don’t know how to fix them or if I should even try. I wonder if my life could ever even make a difference. Still, I know that I can’t live with the way things are and I have such a longing for change and I do believe in love. My favorite line of the song is the one where he says, “Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singin’ from at all.” So, rather than write a whole long post about all that, I thought that this says it perfectly.

All at once,
The world can overwhelm me
There’s almost nothin’ that you could tell me
That could ease my mind

Which way will you run
When it’s always all around you
And the feelin’ lost and found you again
A feelin’ that we have no control
Around the sun
Some say
There’s gonna be the new hell
Some say
It’s still too early to tell
Some say
It really ain’t no myth at all

Keep askin’ ourselves are we really
Strong enough
There’s so many things that we got
Too proud of
We’re too proud of
We’re too proud of

I wanna take the preconceived
Out from underneath your feet
We could shake it off
Instead we’ll plant some seeds
We’ll watch em’ as they grow
And with each new beat
From your heart the roots grow deeper
The branches will they reach for what
Nobody really knows
But underneath it all
There’s this heart all alone

What about is gone
And it really won’t be so long
Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singin’ from at all

There’s a world we’ve never seen
There’s still hope between the dreams
The weight of it all
Could blow away with a breeze
If you’re waiting on the wind
Don’t forget to breathe
Cause as the darkness gets deeper
We’ll be sinkin as we reach for love
At least somethin we could hold
But I’ll reach to you from where time just cant go

What about is gone
And it really wont be so long
Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singin’ from at all

Check out this link to the video for this song. I don’t yet have the video upgrade for my site, otherwise I would have just posted the video.

Have a great night! 🙂