So Long Self Pity

I really am amazed at how difficult/unpleasant this pregnancy seems to be. Maybe it is because I already have  two children to pick up after and care for that it makes things that much more difficult. Most days my energy never comes, or if it does it disappears by 10:00am and I go into slug mode. I feel like the life is being sucked out of me and I guess that is not an inaccurate description. Between the crazy teenage boy breakouts and the crying spells over completely ridiculous things, like the fact that the river is now frozen, I figured I have got to do something to get my mind on something positive. So, I decided to take some time to sit down and make a list of all the rockin’ awesome things I have to be grateful for.

Here we go.

1. My beautiful daughters who are always so loving and extremely entertaining. You truly make life more beautiful everyday!

2. My wonderful husband, who is so patient and understanding through EVERYTHING! And I do mean everything, from the irrational crying spills to tea parties with little miss Kesara. You Rock!

3. Winter. I hate you! You are cold and dark and depressing, but you allow me to truly appreciate spring and summer and the glorious sunshine, so I guess that you are good for something after all. 🙂

4. Pizza and vegan cheese!! You have helped me immensely to get through this past week.

5. The ability to see/hear/read/write and love. That in itself is completely awesome.

6. My body for growing this amazing little person who already has all his/her organs, muscles, and nerves, little hands/feet and eyes. I guess considering all that I have every right to be exhausted. You have also been so forgiving and have helped me to reach my health goals and have taken me on so many amazing runs and hours and hours of long walks and yoga sessions.

7. Yoga! You never let me down. Ever.

8. Jack Johnson. Enough said.

9. Another day to live, learn, love, eat and share my thoughts with the world.

Take that self pity!