Decide To Be Happy

Today Autumn has the day off school and my hubby is home for most of the day, so we are going to enjoy it! I am going to turn off my computer, wake up some sleeping angels, make some banana pancakes and get outside. I am in desperate need of unplugging for a while and just enjoying life but of course I wanted to leave you all with some inspiration for your day first!

What has been on my mind lately is worry. I have been worrying a lot about what I should do and what kind of life that I want to create for myself. I feel stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over and am actually a little bit unsatisfied. I know that I am the only one who can change myself and I have the power to create the life that I want but the question that I ask myself is what is it that I want?

I get these thoughts but then I look around and see my family and how beautiful our life is and realize that it is great! So what’s my problem? My problem is that there is no problem. My mind goes crazy thinking things to death and I miss out on what my life is actually like and all of the beautiful moments in my day. I figured this out last night while I was watching my kids play on the beach, there is no moment better than this moment right now or any moment in life. I just have such a tendency to over-analyze everything and get lost thinking about the future and thinking up ways to make life better. What a waste of time!

Today I am not going to do that. Today I am going to unplug, put a vacation sign up in my mind and just be. That is the only way that I ever feel really and truly happy. When I am present with the present. When I am actually in the moment, feeling it and seeing it as it is, life is beautiful. So here is my advice to you today, do what you love! Just do it! Take some time today to forget about what you have been thinking that you should or shouldn’t do or what you have been telling yourself is wrong or needs to be changed in your life and just be. Open your eyes and take a good look around you at all that is completely wonderful and beautiful. Ask yourself instead what’s not wrong. You have the power to see things differently and you have the right to have an awesomely fantastic day!

DECIDE TO BE HAPPY! It really is your decision to make. No one else has the power to make you unhappy unless you let them and no one in life is given any more opportunity than anyone else. The people that are happy and enjoying their lives have only come to make that decision. I often think about the people that I quote or admire and wonder what their lives were like. They said and did so many inspiring things, many leaving a mark on the world that forever changed it. How did they do this? They made a decision. They decided that they were going to live their truth and be themselves no matter what. They didn’t worry about what other people were or were not doing, they took responsibility for themselves and their lives and decided to be happy.

I now realize that these people are no different than me. I think that we often imagine other people’s lives as perfect or that they somehow have opportunities that we do not, but it just isn’t true. The truth is inside each of us and we all have equal opportunity to live an awesome life but few are willing to get uncomfortable, risk being different or face that place inside of themselves that is not positive or pretty. We have such a difficult time living out our truth and simply deciding to just be happy with our lives and the person that we are.

So today,

Allow yourself to come alive! Take responsibility for your thoughts and chose to do more of what you love and live the life that you want to live. Make the decision to be happy and be grateful for this beautiful day, another day to shine your light to those around you and be somebody’s reason to smile. 🙂

Because when you really look at it, life is pretty darn beautiful!