It’s The Simple Things

Life has been really busy these days so I haven’t had much time for my blog and connecting with all of you, which I greatly miss. For the past little while I have been enjoying unplugging myself from the computer and spending more time in real life, but I have realized that this blog is a big part of who I am and a place where I can share my heart and soul and sort my thoughts out, which at times is desperately needed.

I have just over 3 weeks until the baby gets here and have been spending a lot of time cleaning, simplifying and creating a rhythm in our everyday family life. Autumn finished up grade one at the end of June and now that I have both of my girls home with me all day (and only a little time until we meet our third), I am wanting to spend as much time with them as I can.

We have created some beautiful habits these days! We have been going for an hour long walk (Autumn rides her bike) every morning after breakfast. It is such a nice way to connect with my girls, listening to what they have to say and learning from their wisdom. We watch the wind blow through the trees and talk about how they are waving to us as we walk by. We talk about Mr. Sun and how sometimes he sleeps in too late and likes to be lazy, just like the rest of us. We pick flowers as we walk and try and identify the different trees and leaves that we see along the way. I love all of those beautiful moments! 🙂

We have been reading a lot of books and visiting the library weekly. I love to read to them and am especially enjoying reading classic literature to Autumn now too like Winnie The Pooh, Doctor Dolittle, Anne of Green Gables and The Wind In The Willows. We spend the afternoon together cuddled up on the loveseat, soaking up the stories, waiting until daddy gets home.

We have been enjoying regular meals together as a family and eating more fresh  fruits and vegetables, which is something that can seem to be problematic at times. I feel like I have finally created a rhythm in that sense although it is hard though with Craig’s shifts changing every two weeks. Healthy vegan snacks and meals are still a priority and a specialty of mine. 😉

Evenings are spent outside, at the park, walking or at the beach watching the girls make sandcastles or dip their toes in the cool water. On the weekend even I jumped right in and savored the blue sky above me as I swam in the water. I felt like a kid again and had a great appreciation for everything in my life, especially my health and that I am growing this amazing little being.

Here is a peek into what has been going on around here…

It really is the simple things in life that make it so beautiful!

And to go along with the theme of this post, I thought I would share a favorite song of mine that I was listening to as I wrote this today! I love Darius Rucker!

Have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂