Ladybug Rocks

Here is a fun craft that the girls and I did this past week. We painted some rocks that we collected on the beach and made some adorable little ladybugs!

What you’ll need:

  • smooth round rocks
  • red paint
  • black paint or a permanent black marker
  • jiggly eyes
  • tacky glue


Paint the rocks with the red paint and allow to dry completely. Next paint on the black face, line down the center for the wings and add dots to make the spots and allow to dry again. Or color the black part with a permanent marker (that is what I did). Glue on two jiggly eyes with some tacky glue and allow to dry.

These are so adorable and so much fun for kids to make. I hope that you enjoy this summer craft idea with your little ones as well!

5 thoughts on “Ladybug Rocks

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