Parenting Prayer

Help me to be patient. PLEASE help me to be patient.

Help me to enjoy each and every moment and take time to just be.

Help me to be cheerful and embrace messy peanut butter and jelly face kisses.

Help me to see the positive side of needing to sweep and mop the floor 30 times a day.

Help me to remember that ketchup, paint and marker do wash out.

Help me to use my tongue as a gift of kindness and love;  not of malice, hate, sarcasm or disrespect.

Help me to be mindful that everything goes into their minds unfiltered.

Help me to choose the right words, actions and thoughts, for all of these hold tremendous power.

Help me to be positive, loving, compassionate and kind.

Help me to remember that children are small and precious.

Help me to remember that nothing lasts forever and that it won’t be like this for long.

Help me to say “yes” more often and help us to have fun.

Help me to laugh more and not take life so seriously.

Help me to set boundaries in a loving and calm way and consistently follow through with them.

Help me to be an attentive listener and to not interrupt my children.

Help me to treat them respectfully and model the proper behavior I wish to see in them.

Help me to help them grow up to be wonderful adults with good values.

Help me to be kind and good so I can show my children that world is indeed a kind and good place.

Help me to remember to turn to a Creator higher than myself and never be afraid to ask for help.

3 thoughts on “Parenting Prayer

  1. How true! It’s not easy to be a Mom. We often wonder if we are doing, saying and teaching them the right things, but I can assure you that you are! It’s also great that we can go to God to ask for his help when we are feeling weak, tired and grumpy.


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