Edible Craft – Eat The Rainbow

Today I decided to do an edible craft with the girls. Edible crafts are so much fun. Especially when they are this colorful!

Autumn and Kesa love rainbows and so we always talk about what different colors of the rainbow that we can eat to be healthy. We even have a chart hung up in our kitchen that we made and will occasionally have an Eat The Rainbow competition just for fun to see who can eat the most fruits or veggies in a day.

This is a great craft to do with your kids to teach them about eating all the different colors and why fruits and vegetables are important to keep our bodies healthy.

Here is what we used for our rainbows but you could use any fruit that you want.

RED – Strawberries

ORANGE – Orange

YELLOW – Pineapple

GREEN – Kiwi

BLUE – Blueberries

VIOLET – Red grapes


Cut up different colored fruit into bite sized pieces, arrange on a large plate in the order of the rainbow and eat!




And Delicious! 🙂